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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:

When did this become a gun control thread?

OT -

Love to get an AUG or Tavor, but will likely not spend the capital on them.

Beretta 92 - finally gonna get a replacement for one I sold years ago.

Otherwise ammo, mags, and optics for what I do have.

When Arc asked a question about what I posted. It should originally been put in the Lounge, but I felt Arc deserved an explanation that he asked for.

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Nothing ...

Really. I don't have a list. It's what happens when you've been buying, owning and selling for nearly 40 years.

Don't confuse the above that I won't come across something that really catches my eye.

Now if I had to start all over, there would be a list, and I'd probably need only 1 safe and not just have all my bases covered, but my wants too.

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Sig P229 9mm Legion, Ruger precision rimfire to teach my nephew some about distance shooting.

Regards, Kent j

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An older (pre-Rem) Marlin, or Winchester lever gun in .45LC, 20-ish" octagon barrel.
An older S&W 66 or 19 (.357, bull barrel). Pinned & recessed, hammer-mounted firing pin, etc.
M-1 Carbine, WWII or Korean vintage. I still kick myself really hard for selling the one I had about 20 years ago.
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cz scorpion s2 micro.
b&t GHM9 or tp9
and maybe a decent 12ga over/under
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Zenith Z-5RS with brace.
Glock 17
Rossi R92 in 357
Taylor and company Smokewagon blue 357.
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My list is pretty short.

I have a number of AR's but I think I would like to build one more. Specifically, I have been eyeballing the BCM C8 upper and thinking about a C8 clone.

I also want a Beretta / Wilson Combat Centurion Tactical

Finally, I want a B&T GHM9

If I build the C8 clone I will probably do away with a PSA carbine I built years ago.

Edit: Oh, and I wouldn’t mind one of those James River Armory BM-59's

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CZ Scorpion EVO S3 Pistol with arm brace

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SKS Paratroper (16" bbl), for my survival rifle, (as in they take my AR away). Looking at one, no FH, bayonet lug, pistol grip, has detachable AK mag though, model MC-5D. I'll probably save up for a standard (10 rd. stripper clip) version if I like the one I'm looking at.

They're supposed to be very reliable, pretty accurate.
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I was a bad boy after SHOT this year and spent a lot or am in the process of spending a lot. I've already bought a SAN 751 SAPR from JDI firearms. I've got a B&T APC9 and APC223 currently on order. I also reserved one of a half dozen SAN 553 pistols in factory ilaflon flat dark earth finish that JDI has coming in. I plan to add a B&T USW (possibly the new pistol as well as the PDW) and a B&T APC308 when they're available stateside. I also hope to add a SCAR PDW when they're released to the civilian market. Lastly I want to get into precision rifle shooting and am planning on picking up an Accuracy International rifle setup at some point in the future. That's probably my next 3 years worth of buying at least!

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Short list:
HK P-7 (and hopefully under $1000)
A nice .357 lever action, I'd like one of the case hardened ones.
Another S&W 4506 is probably going to find its way into the safe...
Another BHP, something with a few miles on it.


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Sigless in
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No guns to speak of.

I just want some decent weather and some free time to finish testing and working up loads for the precision AR that I put together over the winter.

If I were given $1000 and told to buy something firearms related right now, it would be either ammo or components.


A 9mm AR is really tempting. But I know that would lead me down the rabbit hole of adding a suppressor for 9mm and for what would essentially be a range toy, I don't want to spend that right now. I know it would also lead to a high quality aftermarket trigger because I would go shoot USPSA PCC with it, and factory AR triggers are gross.
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Vepr AK. But since that is f’d, Arsenal.

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CZ 805 Bren S1 carbine in black and maybe a VP9.

That's about it until I see something else I want Wink


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This. Rebuilt HK MP5. Should have it in a couple weeks.

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In no particular order:

.450 Bushmaster AR
.44 Mag Ruger Redhawk
Smith and Wesson Model 617 revolver
M1 Garand
Remington 870 Police
Ruger 10/22 Target
Ruger American in 7mm/08
And not a gun, but a .22 suppressor

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AR-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor. If I'm really dreaming, a SCAR 17 in 6.5 Creedmoor.

.450 Bushmaster (or at least an upper). Could be used on hogs here in Texas, and I have relatives in a state that recently allowed straight walled rifle cartridge for deer hunting.

10 mm Sig P220 Legion

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Maybe a Tavor 7 when it comes out, but that’s all I can think of. Really nothing else out there floats my boat right now.
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I've been thinking about this lately and I can honestly say that nothing right now is on my list except for magazines and ammunition.
I thought I was in a funk but I ultimately found out that I really don't need anymore weapons. It doesn't sound right but, I think I have enough.
1 whole safe of rifles that's collecting dust.

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