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I remember being perfectly happy without owning a Colt AR or any AR15 for that matter. I was satisfied with my pair of HK91s and my Steyr AUGs. Then came the Belgian LAR 50.00, and FNC. I remember the day the Clinton AWB sunset. I wanted to make a purchase to commemorate the event and our renewed freedom.

So, I was one of the first ones through the door at my local fun store on that day. Like a swarm of hornets I and a group of others headed back to the AR counter where I purchased my very first ever AR... A Bushmaster Restricted LE Patrol rifle. (Colts weren't easy to come by in those days) So, I finally had an AR15. Then I began hearing much talk about "The Chart" and the extra QC steps "real" "Mil-Spec" ARs like Colt went through in their manufacture. It never bothered me though, my Bushy ran like a striped ape.

The more I heard about Colts and the fact that they're the original OEM AR, I figured I'd make my first purchase, a LE Restricted stamped 6920 with detachable carrying handle. I had read about all the Colts people on here and over on AR15forum. It was great. I liked the clean KISS simplicity of the 6920. Then, over the years the market became softer on ARs in general so, I managed to snag a 2nd 6920 for $799 which I thought was a steal at the time.

I began reading about the M4A1 variant with KAC rail and the pinned and welded 14.5" barrel, so I had to have a couple of those as well. I really like them. Most recently, with Colt's civilian production hiatus, I watched as supplies dried up. Not in any big hurry to get another one, I became interested in the HBPW variant, which I am to understand isn't really that common of a model.

Over on AR15forum, I saw a thread about a gun shop in TX that had some 6920s on the rack and good prices. The topic poster was contemplating a purchase and he mentioned they had a HBPW in stock for $1099. I ended up googling the store, called them and sure enough they had it in stock and I jumped on it! I picked it up at my FFL a couple days ago and it's a great example. Very consistent fit and finish. For some reason, I really like the 14.5" pinned and welded barrels. They seem handy and I especially like the heavier profile.

So, it seems I have gone full circle on Colt ARs. It used to be that I couldn't see much difference between them and any other AR, and while I generally prefer the European rifles, these Colts have an appeal of their own and tend to multiply.

So, I thought I'd share my 6920 experience. Interested to hear other's thoughts on them as well.

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never had a bad one and I have a lot of them.

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I ended up with a 6720 a few years ago. Bought just before the last election. Nice unit. Light and handy.

Had a LE6920 years ago and sold it to a member here like a dummy. He was happy though, so not a big downer. Always loved the way it felt and handled. Recently had an agreement to buy one from a member here, but after we struck the deal he decided not to follow through. I would love to get another. Hopefully someday. But having a the 6720 is good.

Congrats Belgian. That is great.

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Or a 6940. Get one of those and don't go back.

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Other than the rollmark, i really don't see what a Colt gives me that any quality AR doesn't.

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Originally posted by zoom6zoom:
Other than the rollmark, i really don't see what a Colt gives me that any quality AR doesn't.

To be honest, that’s about it. I had some Colts over the years, but eventually sold them. Picked up a LE6920HBPW a couple of years ago just to have a Colt to keep. It will probably be my only one.
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My only Colt was a USAF 604. No "fence" and no forward assist. But it did have a birdcage, so I guess our armory replaced a damaged 3 prong.
I have not felt the need for another Colt, just for the sake of having a Colt.

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I've had AR-15s for awhile, but I built all the lowers (Mega) then bought complete uppers (BCM). Never had an issue with that and I liked you built it exactly how you wanted it.

Last Xmas I found some of the Colt LE6920-R "Troopers" for sale for $850 and decided to treat myself. In years of AR-15 ownership, this was my first complete AR-15 purchase. I have to say the Colt has rapidly become a favorite; only made minor changes to furniture and added another Xmas gift of an Aimpoint H-2 for $535.

It's a great rifle and wish I had bought a couple.
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I shoot handguns a lot more than rifles but have typically owned 2-3 ARs at any given time. I'm not a collector but have hung on to my only Colt. It's a preban blue label R6601 Sporter Match HBAR. It's only been fired a few times, and all of the original accessories are unused in the box. I doubt I'll get a 6920 since I figure I already have an older Colt and a more modern BCM right now.

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Belgian my Colt AR experience mirrors yours in a lot of ways. My first AR was a Bushmaster M4 clone purchased in ‘05 when the Clinton AWB expired, (thank you Bush 43 for not succumbing to pressure at the time to renew it). It was super tight built in Maine and shoots great to this day.
Like you I kept hearing about the Colt 1:7 barrel and mil spec stock tube etc. but it didn’t do anything for me. Then I read in the ~July 2012 American Rifleman that Colt was building a number of M4A1 rollmarked models with the Socom profile barrel (16” however). I had my local Gun Club friend/FFL order me one and loved all its KAC goodness. In 2017-18 I started reading how some Colt Socom guns were arriving with “Property of US Govt” markings and started to get interested again in a more true M4A1 clone dang it!

Finally when like you I saw that the newest models had a 14.5” pinned barrel and a birdcage FH that looked good, I pulled the trigger earlier this year on one of those. Boy I am glad I did.

Unfortunately not long after Colt ran up the white flag on new AR production and effectively blocked me from getting a Colt rollmarked XM177E2 model that I had been jonesing for (Dad was a grunt in Vietnam and told me stories of the LRRPs who he thought were crazy at the time, but admired their shorty AR’s) so I thought it would be cool to have for his enjoyment. I’ll be on the look out for one passively now I guess (for it or the M16A1 rollmarked model). Colt’s management decisions never cease to amaze me.

Are Colts inherently better, no but they have name recognition and pedigree and for me collectability Springs from that. I now also have the FN M4 and an HK MR556 and enjoy each for its own merits.

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You will buy a Colt AR

No don't think so ... a Glock on the other hand. Smile
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No, no I won't.

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I got to feeling nostalgic (extremely rare for me) and built a somewhat "clone" of the "CAR-15" I was issued in 2/75. I basically just bought a 90's era Colt LE marked lower and mated it to a same era Colt A2 style 16" light barreled upper. Basically re-created a 6520...that I could have held out and bought complete I guess. Frown

Add in a replica 2 position receiver extension and replica hand guard and CAR stock, viola!

I will say that this old lower has the best GI trigger I have ever shot. Very smooth, light and crisp...considering what it is.

I have shot a bazillion various military M16 A2s, CARs and M4s...their triggers all sucked worse than any civilian GI AR trigger I've tried.

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I have enough ARs and Colt does nothing for me. I think I will pass on this one. Glock got me for sure though.
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Another Colt fan here. There is just something about the Rampant Pony of Hartford. All of my SBR ARs are factory Colt - 6933s and 6943. Two transferable Colt M16s. The only others I would buy currently are the LMT MRP and KAC Mod2.

The 6920 HBPW is very cool. I wish I’d picked one up before the Colt commercialgeddon.

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I respect Colt ARs, but have no desire to buy one. Colt's run just fine. But they've been slow to move forward -- free floated barrels, mid-length gas systems, modern rail styles, true precision barrels.

It's been stated that Colt is among the most reliable ARs -- they always go bang, they always feed the next round. But I've seen Colts that choke in training, mainly because the owners didn't properly clean and lube them.

My DI AR15s have only choked when instructors loaded dummy rounds at random in my mags, for training purposes. My receivers are by Wilson Combat, SI Defense, and Rock River. Barrels from Wilson, Krieger, and Bartlein. I get great accuracy with complete reliability.
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I probably will when the planets align. In my case, though, it's more likely to be an M16AForgery. Still, a midlength Colt carbine wouldn't be a bad thing to have around.
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I bought a Colt LE6920 because I couldn't find find a Colt Ar15 Tactical Carbine anywhere. As soon as I bought it, Vance's in Columbus found one on there shelf. At LE pricing to boot. I gave my unfired LE6920 to my middle son, now an Ohio State Trooper to use as a duty rifle.

I have a few BCM's that I love and a Troy and a couple of Aero's that I built and I love each and every one of the 7 at last count. That heavy barreled Colt Carbine is still one of my favorites. My BCM's are nice and great shooters, but up to this point, I like my Colt too.

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Colt is a solid AR.

In fact, anyone who is unsure they will like an AR, should but a Colt, because they will be able to sell it.


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AR's are at this point a utility level of construction. Many makers, many parts, many levels of quality. But I like the colt history and rollmark. And it has always represented a certain minimum std. of construction. And at one point in time it might have mattered that you got a Colt complete rifle, but it simply doesn't now. you can buy/build/fabricate something that's equivalent or better. But that's not really the point on this.
I see crap ar's that have high marks. I see top end ar's that have crap reviews.
The best part of an ar is if something sucks you can fix it.
But in the end the Colt's have a endurance of production that others don't.

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