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One of the problems with polymer cased ammo is keeping the case head intact. There have been two times that I'm aware of that poymer cases have gotten all the way into early production, only to have insurmountable case head issues crop up. I found the design of this case interesting because instead of trying to bond the polymer case body to a brass case head along a seam line, the case head is enclosed by the polymer case body itself. Also, the case shoulder and neck doesn't mimick the contours of traditional metal cased ammo meaning a new and unique chamber design, and no cross compatability with current 6.8mm ammunition. It may go nowhere, but I find it interesting none the less.

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Thanks for the post.
As I mentioned in another thread about the proposed new weapons system, it will be interesting to see if anyone can finally develop a durable and reliable polymer-cased cartridge. One thing that just occurred to me after seeing the photo of this proposal is that not being limited to a current cartridge design might make it more feasible.

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If the military switches to this new round, range clean up will be a breeze! Just get a telescoping magnetic retrieval tool, or hang a magnet from some 550 cord and just walk around. Big Grin

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ahhh, buzzwords.

designed to replace the ... in close-combat units.

substantially increased effective range

If you're a 'close combat unit' and your #1 issue is lack of range, you're doing something wrong.
I know that's a simplistic & smart ass comment based on a BS 'rah rah, go team' article, but it's why this will fail.
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