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I have had this RRA lower with a Spikes 14.5 upper for a few years. It is my go to rifle for courses or matches, it's the workhorse. I first started with EoTech sight but when the recall came I couldn't pass it up. Had a Magpul forearm that was just a bit fat for my smaller hands but some how I shot this rifle thousands of rounds under stress not from a bench. But then I read an article about Vism hand guards and purchased one. It gives me the extra heat guard to place my support arm further out making control much better. Plus it was cheap under $50 delivered. I topped it off with a Aimpoint Pro very nice sight. Feels good. Chris



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Fighting the good fight
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Looking good. I have a similar setup on one of my ARs. But mine uses the Troy Delta handguard.

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sick puppy
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I relate to that - i keep changing optics, foregrips, sights, etc.

Currently my 14.5 doesnt have any optic on it - im debating on what i want and such, and need to upgrade the charging handle too. The 11.5, however, is as set as its going to get for now.

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Interesting looking rail. I'll have to look into it.
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