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What are your thoughts on the Vortex Optics ?
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I have a few red dots and I have no complaints. For range and competition guns I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. I compare them to the PSA rifles that they are mounted on. They will probably never fail me.

For serious use firearms I use Trijicon, EOTech and Aimpoint. And those firearms aren’t made by PSA. It may be overkill but for SD guns and accessories I prefer something more proven and tested, even though it costs a bit more.

I understand their scopes are very nice, but I do not own any of those.

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I have a Vortex on my 308. The windage or elevation failed pretty close to purchase and I returned it for warranty work. It came back fine and has been fine since. There is better glass out there, but for the price, its O.K.


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I have a Vortex Viper PST FFP 6-24X50mm on my Ruger M77 .338 WinMag. I love it.

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They seem to have two tiers. Their cheap stuff is OK, their expensive stuff seems to have a respectable reputation.
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I had 2 vortex SPARC red dots. One had issues right off and they replaced with no problems. That and the other one hold zero and get the job done. For non-life-or-death situations, they should be fine.
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Nope, not for me. Lots better quality stuff vs their line imho.

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No complaints on my Strikefire II apart from its size. Have to remove it to fit the AR in the case.
Good side is that it holds zero after multiple removals.

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I picked up a Viper PST Gen II 5-25 just recently to put on an AR I built last year. So far I'm really liking it, although I've probably only fired maybe 80 rounds with it, all at 100yds.

The Crossfire II 4-12, not so much. The click detents are pretty weak, to the point that I have to look at them as I'm adjusting it, to be sure I've gone far enough but not overshot the adjustment I wanted. Otherwise, it's adequate for a range toy. I wouldn't put one on a SD/HD rifle.
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Originally posted by echofiveniner:
What are your thoughts on the Vortex Optics ?

You're new here. Welcome. First, it's best to have a thread title that's more specific. Second, you really should describe your intended use -- which rifle, what type of targets, what distances to targets, preference of optic types, and budget.

Vortex has an extensive product line -- from budget items to some that are very expensive. IMO trying to be everything to everyone isn't an easy thing to do well.

Vortex's cheapest optics are not the most robust things out there. But neither are other manufacturer's cheap optics.

Vortex's mid-line optics offer decent quality optics at reasonable prices. Their Low Powered Variable optics have been used successfully for many years in 3-gun competitions. Vortex LPVs are robust and take a beating.

I have a 2-10x Viper PST Gen2 on an AR15. The glass is clear and very bright. Tracking for elevation and windage is spot on. The only issue I've had it that its zero changes slightly if I bump up against the top of dialed elevation. Top dialed elevation is likely a mile downrange, so this isn't necessary on an AR that isn't meant to shoot further than 800 yards. All in all, this is a really good scope. A buddy has used the same Viper model on an AR to win 2-rifle competitions for the last 3 years. The 3-15x version is also quite good.

Their Razor line includes some really high end optics. Not to the level of the top-of-the-line ED-glass of Nightforce, Tangent Theta, Kahles, S&B -- but still good.

in general I find that Vortex products emphasize glass that is clear, bright, and has warmer colors. The clarity can sometimes take a back seat to colors. A secondary weakness is their elevation turrets -- I think they don't have the most crisp feel when dialing up or down.

Vortex elevation controls have failed in the field. I have seen this first hand in steel matches on other competitor's scopes. I've seen other brands elevation controls fail, too. So Vortex isn't the lone ranger here -- it eventually occurs to just about every scope that used long enough in steel matches. Fortunately, Vortex provides a very good warranty -- almost a no-questions-asked replacement. And yes, that warranty has been used by people who shoot with Vortex optics.

Bottom line -- IMO Vortex is a reasonable option for many shooters and many uses. Just do your homework. Compare models. Compare brands. I recommend handling models before buying. I prefer Nightforce scopes. But in instances where NF doesn't offer exactly what I want, Vortex is a reasonable option -- and generally at a lower price point.
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I have a Razor 1-6X HD GENII E and I am very impressed with it. Vortex sent it to me as a demo and the clarity is fantastic. My Zeiss and Leupold have the same clarity as the Razor.

What I like about the red dot illumination knob is that... "It goes to ELEVEN."

You see, most scopes only go to ten. But these go to eleven. They're one brighter.

Most blokes, when they're running 3-gun can only go to ten. They're on ten, all the way up, all the way up; where can you go from there? Nowhere!

What Vortex does, when they need that extra brightness, that extra....push over the cliff. You know what they do? That's right, they go to eleven! One brighter!


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Vortex is pretty simple. You can tell the quality/durability of the line by the price, as with most brands. The difference between them and some of the other companies is you get a little more than you pay for with their lower-priced stuff. Crossfire and Strike Eagle are a pretty solid for knock-around rifles and hunting.

IMO, the Viper line is the sweet spot for bang/buck in defensive use.
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Color me not impressed. I bought a Venom, the red dot went away during a steel shoot with maybe 300 rounds through it. Once I got it back from the factory it worked ok.

I also bought one of their mid level scopes. Hazy at the top magnification, eye relief was tight and changed radically with magnification. I returned it to the seller. Replaced it with a Sig scope for less with better glass and features.

But some like their products.
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Okay for the price. But based on personal experiences and of those coworkers and shooting friends around me, you're gonna NEED that so-called "fantastic" warranty. Of their optics types I tend to like their binos the best; I've been satisfied with my two pair, a Diamondback and a Razor. But I've also seen a 10x42 Razor break its focusing ability (as our display demonstrator) and we've heard from customers and buddies about iffy electronics in illuminated scopes.

And as a final note: I thoroughly HATE my Venom RD. Horrible circuitry; intensity adjustment is crap from Day One and it's always been a guessing game as to whether or not the unit is actually turned off. Needs to be sent back for replacement, but right now Vortex RDs have been in almost zero supply.

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I have no positive comments to make about Vortex optics.
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Originally posted by Stlhead:
I have no positive comments to make about Vortex optics.

Then why mention it? Confused
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I have two Razors that see a lot of three gun abuse and a PST2 3-15 that works very well for me.
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Originally posted by Il Cattivo:
They seem to have two tiers. Their cheap stuff is OK, their expensive stuff seems to have a respectable reputation.

Nope, 3 tiers:

lower: Made in China
Mid: Made in Philippines
Upper: Made in Japan or USA

I wouldn't buy any more of their mid or lower (although I have in the past). Their Razors are good if you get a steep discount (such as a 50% cert or mil discount). At or near MSRP, there are better options.

They do have a great warranty and fast service. They are also working all the time to improve the quality of their products. For example, the Viper PST Gen 2 is a far better product than the Gen 1.
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I’ve got two Spitfire prism scopes...both have been been good to go...i would compare them to Primary Arms in quality for about the same price point. YMMV


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