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This past weekend, I shot a match at our club where we are now using e-targets. The brand we selected it the Shot Marker, designed and built by the same guy who makes the autotrickler and other gadgets for shooters.

The guy's name is Adam MacDonald and I had the pleasure of meeting him at the World's last year in Ottawa. Super nice guy and a great rifleman.

The e-targets worked flawlessly during the match. This was the first time we were using them and they did absolutely great. We had set them up with zero delay, so when you fired your rounds, you would get the score and the hit about 1.5 seconds later on the little tablet next to you. It would show the score, the velocity at the target and the average and SD for the velocities. Great way to check your JBM figures.

I scored for several people, just to get some practice with the system; it even detected that one of the shots was a crossfire. The system only works with supersonic bullets at the target. It's fairly simple to set up and priced at $800 per target. We had 6 targets set up and we rand through 24 people in record time using these targets and infiltration.

It was a good thing too because we got hit by rain but kept on going and we finished just before the big rain started.

This was not my first time with e-targets. We used those at the Nationals at Lodi in 2016. Those were the Silver Mountain targets (SMT). They did not work near as well as the Shot Markers.
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Interesting; thank you for the review. Can any type of target be used?

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Sorry for the delay; life and work get in the way of important stuff.

About the targets, I'm not sure. I know that Adam has all the ICFRA/DCRA/NRA loaded. After all, he is a long range competitor and this e-target is really aimed at long range shooters and competitions.

I believe he has some other targets built-in for load development and other similar things. I would expect that he would have plain old regular targets also, but I do not know. If you go to his website, he has a link this email address and you can ask him directly. After the upcoming Nationals, I'm going to investigate his product and may decide to get one for my use. The price is really affordable and I was very impressed at the last match.

I would have to build a portable frame, but that's not really an issue, I have some ideas for putting one together, something I could throw in the back of my CUV and put up anywhere.
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