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SIGForum Members and Friends - I really want a complete AR Carbine Rifle in 9mm that will allow me to eventually graduate from Rimfire Steel Challenge to PCCI and/or PCCO. I have seen competitors shoot and also read many positive comments about this carbine right out of the factory box....Yes the model I am “wanting” is $1700 which is a TON of money for me to spend but it seems that this rifle design is very high quality and holds it value quite well....

Would like to ask the forums friends here if there are those who own one and your likes/dislikes and if the GMR 9mm carbine is worth the price....While I am still working and have the funds (also not knowing what the next adminstration holds for our 2nd Admentment rights) I am thinking now is a good time to jump into the deep end of this pool....

Comments/recommendations/feedback is greatly appreciated.....Thanks. Mark
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I can't speak to the GMR carbine, but I did have JP build me an AR-10t during the ban. It was a wonderful rifle. Accuracy was top notch. The handicap was the gen1 AR-10 mags.

Their products are excellent, in my opinion.


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I have 2. An original 16” that has been updated to the latest spec (less last round hold open). And a newer one that is a SBR and permanently suppressed. I shoot the 16” gun a ton. I use it for trooper and other 3 gun matches that allow it and it is my go to practice rifle for pistol bays. All of the guys I shoot with also shoot GMR’s. They are worth the money, they work, and they keep working. If you have specific questions feel free to ask.
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Wow, that is a pretty good looking rifle.

I have no experience with it. I have experience with two of its competitors.

I have a Sig MPX carbine in 9mm, and a Kriss Vector carbine in 40 S&W. The carbine is stock with a Trijicon MRO on it. I have a Sig Romeo 5 on the Kriss vector and a forward stubby grip.

The MPX has all of the same controls as an AR15, plus a few nice features. It is ambidextrous, the mag well is well flared. The mags are fantastic for loading. It is spot on, 50 cent piece sized groups at 50yds. It shoots fast, Trigger is good, mine is not as bad as some others I have tested.

The Kriss, now this is just a marvel. It does not have the same controls as an AR15, nor are the mags as easy to load as the sig mpx. However, I can shoot it on target faster than I can shoot the mix. Even with it being 40 SW, it is just easier to be on target faster. It does not mind dirt and grime as much as I thought it would. I ran 600 rounds of crap Tula 40sw ammo. Dirty as all get out through it. It ate it all. Between the two, I think the Kriss is a better rifle.

That being said, if I was wanting to move quickly to competition, I would stick with the MPX, as I am more familiar with its controls via my AR-15s. As to what I plan to buy next? It will be a Kriss in 45 acp. Then a 10mm upper. Then I will get a 357 sig upper to go with my 40.
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I don't have that particular rifle but everything JP builds is top notch.
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Quality and customer service is 2nd to none... but I would take a look at the CZ Scorpion
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I don't think you can go wrong with it. I haven't shot it but I really like my MPX. Something to think about.

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JP makes excellent rifles. Have you fired a 9mm AR? I’m personally not a fan of 9mm ARs compared to the MP5, B&T APC9, and Scorpion, or even (gulp) the Sig mpx (which I would never buy given Exeter’s spotty QC/QA history and history of dropping/changing designs without future support). The 9mm AR is much choppier to me than the other options. So much so that I have a Colt M16 that has never had a 9mm upper installed and never will. My UZI, MP5-N, and MP5K-N are my SMGs, I have zero interest in a M16/9.

Are you open to a SBR? Personally I would go with a SBR mp5 (Zenith or PTR) or B&T APC9, which are pretty close to the price of the JP. For PCC matches the ergos, optic mounting, and bolt hold open of the APC9 win out over the mp5.

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Never found anything about JP Rifles I didn't like.
Never bought a complete rifle (but would not hesitate) but have used tons of their parts.
Great stuff.
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Got rid of my AR9 & Sig MPX and bought the GMR-15. Should have bought the JP first. Great carbine!!!
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I have a GMR15 and MPX. The quality of the JP is top notch, and I love shooting it. The MPX shoots a bit softer and I like it too, maybe more but only after adding a Timney trigger and Raptor charging handle and a bunch of $$ mags.

For $1700 you are good to go with the JP, assuming you have abundant Glock mags and an optic.
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