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I'm running out of room for rifle storage mostly due to building AR's during the shutdowns and work-at-home edicts.

I am thinking of getting a relatively decent looking wood and glass cabinet for my wood stocked rifles, to free up space for all the evil black ones that are multiplying. It will help fill out my house a little in some sparse looking areas, so the look is a big part of it, and ability to see the nice polished blue steel and walnut inside.

Right now I have 3-4 rifles that would go in this cabinet, 3 rimfires, maybe one .308, and maybe a new .223 if I can find the one I want. I don't anticipate any more than 6 rifles ever going into the cabinet (yeah I know, famous last words...).

Any recommendations?

Yes I am aware that a wood and glass cabinet is not as secure as a safe so we don't need to hash that out. I live in a relatively low crime area with no break-ins that I am aware of, and have a monitored alarm system with a cellular link and battery backup. My son is 17 and I don't have to worry about him, but the cabinet does need to have a lock.
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Are you handy with woodworking tools? There are lots of plans and videos of cabinet construction available on the Net and while it will take time you can have a full on custom cabinet built exactly to your needs.

BTW, I would advise that you make the cabinet out of Walnut and can tell you that you can also find that on the NET, in either solid wood and custom faced plywood. BTW, it will NOT be cheap, you might spend 500 dollars or more on just the wood. If you get a biscuit joiner it's actually rather easy to take 4 to 8 inch wide boards and assemble them into a solid panel 4 or even 6 feet wide. I have a coffee table I put together about 25 years ago and it's still holding solid as a single wide native board. BTW used fiddleback Maple for that with a mahogany hand rubbed stain and it still gets a lot of admiration. BTW, my biscuit joiner is a corded Dewalt and it still works perfectly.

Final bit of advice if you do decide to build one for yourself is to don't rush at any step. This isn't a race and you don't have a customer breathing down the back of your neck so take as much time as it takes to get a near perfect result. BTW, perfect won't happen, you'll always have some type of hiccup and while you might be able to spot a flaw in 5 or 10 years anyone else won't notice a thing.

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I have seen three gun cabinet's out of the last 6 garage sales that I've been to.

$25.00 to $55.00 .
two ,six guns and a 5 gun.


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Seems like new production ones are few and far between, but there's usually 3-4 or more used gun cabinets for sale on Craigslist around here at any given time. Lots of people getting rid of their (or their elderly family members') 1960s/1970s/1980s gun cabinets. Most folks don't want then nowadays, so they're usually pretty cheap.
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Yep, there are a handful on local Craigslist here, relatively inexpensive.

I use one, somewhat refurbished from a relative’s house fire. I mostly have muzzle-loaders & a few pest control guns in mine, freeing up room in the safe.
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I think a wood cabinet is fine, as long as you aren't storing complete weapons in it.

Personally I have several AR uppers I can't store as complete weapons in a safe, so I have the lowers in the safe and uppers hanging on a wall.

I just posted this same picture on another thread but it seems appropriate here too.

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I saw a wooden gun display cabinet at a local gun shop. It was unique in that it looked like a traditional wood and glass cabinet, but in fact it had a steel reinforced frame with a steel locking bar clad in oak that went across the rifles in the rack and locked with a Medico lock. I thought that was about the nicest traditional looking gun cabinet I ever saw.

This might have been it:
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