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I acquired an Annealing Made Perfect Mk I unit in a trade deal.
Does anyone anneal their cases? I was thinking the long range precision shooters did or still do?
I don't think I have a use for it. Not sure what to do with it. If there is a market for one I may try to sell it.

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You can sell it here if you sign up, make a few post. Convince them you're legit.
Prolly research what others have sold for there.
Here is a post that has some info on parts & stuff. 2019 1k with allot of case holders.

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Why not try here in the classified section first. Someone might want one.

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DON'T SELL an AMP Annealing Machine! At least not if you reload rifle cases at all. The AMP makes it super easy to anneal after ever firing. It greatly increases brass life and increase accuracy, SD's and consistency. It's not a cheap machine so if you got into one at a good price you'd be smart to keep it.

When I bought fine I figured that if it could just increase the life of the 338 Lapua brass I had just bought the machine would pay for itself not withstanding the increased accuracy and consistancy it help you gain.

I use mine EVERY time I reload rifle

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