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I would suggest taking a look at the KelTec KSG.
Holds 14 rounds.

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I have one shotgun with a side-saddle for extra shells along with a sling that holds extra rounds.

I have another shotgun in a carrier sling I can carry on me. That carry sling has a shotgun shell ammo pouch attached. Here are iPad pictures of the shotgun carrier with the pouch. The pouch holds 25 shells. The pictures are not the best as I just took them with my iPad in the closet.

Ugh. I need to find a new photo hosting option as all the ones I have used have discontinued.

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Though designed for competition, the Calfornia speed stripper belt carrier would work fine for everyday carry, and fast reloading. Click the image for link to the product at Brownells.

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My 870 has a SpeedFeed stock that holds 4 spare rounds and a 6 round mag tube, so 11 rounds. I'm thinking about adding a sidesaddle as well. All 00 buckshot. Not as maneuverable as a handgun, but with the nervous tremor I have I can't rely on being able to hit anything with a handgun. I picked up a 20ga Shockwave on sale a while back but haven't had a chance to really practice with it so I don't know if it would be suitable for HD or not. A sidesaddle would probably be the solution for extra ammo for that gun too (assuming they even make a 20ga sidesaddle).
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I have a 6 shell side saddle. I also have a sleeve on the stock that holds 5, although most times it is not on the shotgun.

I have two 25 round slings hanging in the closet, for just in case, that I can grab quickly.

But, here is a video that you might like. It is from nutnfancy guy on youtube about shotgun shell carriers.

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This is my closet HD shotgun. It holds 8 rounds. I can't imagine I'll need more than that but just in case.

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