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Call Rock Island Auction. Sounds like he has enough things that they would come and get them, handle the whole transaction for you. They are a Class 3 dealer, so the full autos are no problem. I think they are having an on-line auction about now. They have always been fair and honest with my buddy, who is starting to thin the herd -at 89!
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Originally posted by kimberkid:
Just to be clear, is the Ma Duce and/or others Select or full auto fire?

If so, and this is a collection that he put together decades ago, his investment will have doubles many times over and if he is wanting to take about 1/3 to 1/2 of the current value just to get it done, there are several dealers on auction sites like Gunbroker that can either buy the entire collection or some even take on consignment for a lower percentage.

While you would get less, it relieves you of the hassle of writing the ad's, collecting payment and shipping, which while it would net you top dollar it is a lot of work. As you are probably aware (if you have ever looked at the NFA wait time thread) NFA items are not a quick turn around.

Knowing that collections like this are being liquidated makes me wish I was younger, but I'm glad that I got the few that I have at a time I could still enjoy them!

time line you listed is only relevant if the buyer is in the same state (Texas)

otherwise it will transfer out of state (form 4 to a dealer) that will take likely 45-60 days,

I have picked up a few MG's from estates in the past few years, and most have only taken 30 days,

thing to think about on the M@HB is who made it and how is it papered
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My dream gun is a MA Deuce mount in the back of my pick up truck. Smile
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I would auction them off, Amoskeag asks 20% unless the collection is impressive enough and sometimes the fee is diminished or, waived.

Rock Island was recommended to me by Herb Glass via a friend.

Unfortunately James Julia has changed hands
(Morphy’s) with some reported issues.

Direct sale to a dealer would be my last resort.

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Collectors Firearms in Houston will buy the entire lot in one fell swoop I am sure.
They deal in class 3 now too.

Jackson Armory in Dallas would do the same I am sure too.

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I am a board member for the Garand Collectors association. Would be happy to put you in touch with someone. Email me.

NRA Training Counselor
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Originally posted by smschulz:
My dream gun is a MA Deuce mount in the back of my pick up truck. Smile

Or in a machine gun nest on my roof. Cool
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Originally posted by David Lee:

Respectfully, you are describing M1 carbines not Garands.[/QUOTE]

David, No offense taken as your point is important. I should have qualified in the title with a comma at least. Better if I would have added Carbine to separate from the Garand. He has multiples of both.

Risk the consequences of honesty...
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Sounds like a valuable life long collection. He should do very well selling as the value of what he has, has risin incredibly high over the years. I know a local man who has 18 Garands in his collection. Multiples of carbines, 2 M2 Springfields including mine..sigh, his son will have his collection some day.
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I worked for a well respected auction company years ago and would recommend going that route. For a collection such as your fathers I'm sure they would send someone to retrieve it. It is a good way to get rid of everything at once, get top dollar, and not have to deal with all of the hassle that goes along with selling. You will get a check that won't bounce, and interaction with buyers will be nil. To me, that's priceless.
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