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Anyone have any first hand experience with these they can share? I was considering one for some nighttime coyote hunting. I’ve lost a couple calves to coyote recently. These seem to be reasonably priced and tend to get good reviews with the exception of a few software glitches that seem to get fixed with firmware updates. Just wondering if anyone has any firsthand experience.
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A year or so back, I wrote abut my unfortunate experiences with the ATN X Sight. I bought the first one at Academy. Its a neat concept, but they've packed those things with so many features that they don't do any one thing well.
I couldn't see very well through the first one at night. ATN cus toner service indicated that I need to update myour software. It was brand new, but I did it anyway. After the update I still had marginal clarity from the screen. It was either bright and washed out, or dark and grainy. Another call to ATN and they suggested I buy a better illuminator. So I did.
I was out hunting one night, and I could see pigs in the moonlight 20 or so yards away, but I struggled to find them in the viewer. Upset, I called ATN a few days later. We swapped sights and the experience was no different.
Ultimately, I returned it to Academy. The gentleman at the counter told me that every one he sells eventually comes back.

I'd stay away. If you buy just be aware of its short comings
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