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Frangas non Flectes
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Originally posted by DaBigBR:
The good news is prices on the original are already on their way down with distributors...

So, wait until spring SHOT show when they discontinue them to pick them up on clearance if you wanted one. Sounds about right. Might be smart to start grabbing mags if you own one.

Originally posted by smithnsig:
After the 556 fiasco I don’t even consider SIG as viable rifle. No way I’m going to get left in the lurch. They try to do rifles like apple does iPhones.

And there it is. Yep, same.
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I'm not gonna knock it...I'm just happy that SOMEBODY is making a non-blowback 9mm carbine, and I really want one. But I can't come close to affording it. If I could get one for $1000 there'd be one in my safe right now.
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The PCC is nice, but like so many factory competition guns, its still a half step. The Timney trigger is good, I've put them in both my MPXs, can't argue with the new handguard either, but the comp/break is mostly irrelevant with a 9mm. If they were serious, ditch the folding stock, its silly on a competition gun, open the gas port, add a Taran Tactical magwell or something similar, extended mag release, fix the sloppy charging handle or replace it with the Raptor with lifter block, and include a red dot, and keep the price sane!
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