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I lucked into a new Remington Police Magnum SBS before the pandemic started, and for $399 no less (obviously before transfer and tax stamp). I'm with the others, put that minty Wingmaster back in the safe and find something to use instead.
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We're trending this discussion toward the idea that all 870s are the same and have been over the last 70 years. Mossbergs used to be junk (OK, like 50 years ago.) Not a good gun, just one that usually went bang. Back before the "cheapening" in 1964, Winnies were darn good. If you're talking about all products for the last 100 years being the same, you're going up a blind alley. Some may have gotten better and some worse. If you're only talking about new guns, say so. But don't intermix great old products with new junk.

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Here's the shotgun in question. It has no sentimental value, I don't even remember where I got it from.

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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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It looks good! Change the barrel and you've got a Police model. Keep in mind that the ejector was most likely made for 2-3/4" shells, so even if you change to a 3" magnum barrel, it may not eject magnum shells properly since it will eject early.

You can change the ejector to a magnum ejector, but it will require drilling out the rivet or compressing the ejector spring while you grind 1/4" off the ejector bar. My 870 had a broken ejector spring so I had easy access to my ejector and after I converted it, I installed a new spring.

If you only change the barrel and nothing else, just use 2-3/4" loads.


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If I missed the answer please disregard.

I would keep the Remington 870 and buy some type of Mossberg.

I grew up with a Remington 870 Express and my dad had a Wingmaster.

I carried Remingtons on duty with the various Police Depts and I did not start using Mossberg's until I re-enlisted in the Army.

I am more comfortable with them than I am with Remington mainly because of the Tang Mounted Safety.

I have a Mossberg 590A1 and love it.
I also have a 500 I bought in 2002 that I have never shot.

If I would get another shotgun I am thinking about getting a Benelli Nova or an Ithaca.

If you have never shot one or would like to run one through its paces you are more than welcome to try mine.
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