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I have been reading this thread with great interest. I appreciate all the replies.
I did miss the last few posts because I thought it had run out and I didn't have notifications turned on.

I do have the opportunity to run a few stick mags through one, out at Front Sight.
I will do that and decide if I want one enough to pay the price.

Thanks for all the information.


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Page late and a dollar short
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machinegunboards is another place to go for learning about F/A's and the semis like the one you are looking at.

If you do decide to take the leap here and acquire one get familiar with that forum and join it also. One of the members "deerslayer" is a 'smith and works on those regularly. He also markets an easy pull spring and buffer kit, I'm considering one of those for my Tommy.

I didn't want to come off being negative about the gun. I really like mine, it's fun to shoot and always attracts attention. Even with having to pay out of pocket for it's repair when the bolt failed, I'm still in it for about half price of a "new" one, remember mine was bought and never fired the three years before I acquired it.

If you do take the leap if I were you I would let your dealer know of this thread and the ones on the previously mentioned forum in case he has to "lean on" somebody at Kahr in your behalf.

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