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Originally posted by Rolan_Kraps:
Just an FYI, the Marlin 1894 CSBL isn't good for SASS because it doesn't hold 10 rounds of ammo.

Definitely good info to share and point out for those that may be seriously considering using their lever action for SASS Rolan.

In my case, if I ever did decide to participate in a SASS event, it would be just for fun, not to really be the top contender, so having to reload / manually load extra cartridges during the stages wouldn't be a big deal for me. On the other hand, they really should design variety into the courses of fire so that participants aren't necessarily handicapped by using a shorter rifle instead of longer 10 round magazine varieties being needed to be competitive or complete a stage easily since there a lot of other lever guns out there that may be lower in capacity that people might want to practice with and use. I suspect like most organized shooting sports of this type though, if someone really wants to compete to win, they will buy whatever equipment will cut down on their reloading / handling / shooting / stage time to get a competitive edge towards winning the match like pretty much every other organized shooting sport.

On the plus side though, it does leave more availability of the shorter, handier carbines for those not looking to compete and win a "tin cup". Wink

The availability of many of the lever guns has been hit or miss from year to year due to varying manufacturing numbers, demand, and desires, so it is nice to see some of these specialty models being offered and available. The Marlin 1894 CSBL just happens to tick all the right boxes for me with all features and caliber considered, and ever since the very first time I handled a Winchester Trapper years ago, have always wanted a shorter, handy pistol caliber lever carbine with all the characteristics and finishes the CSBL has to offer.

As a side note, since all of us here seem to be looking around at these, anyone else notice that Marlin's website has been up and down a fair amount the past few days? Either a lot of folks are trying to check out their products for holiday buying ideas or they may be having some website/hosting issues.


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I also went to cruise the Marlin website and it was down. I imagine that a lot of people in Virginia are suddenly interested in Marlin.

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It is often said that micro-groove barrels are less accurate. The problem seems to be mostly with cast bullets. They may not be as accurate with cast bullets, but that does not seem to be true with jacketed bullets.

I don't know why this would be.

I have a micro-groove 45-70. I shoot exclusively jacketed bullets, and it is nicely accurate. I like to drive them pretty fast, and don't want to deal with leading, so I use jacketed bullets. I have never put a lead slug through it, so I can't comment on its accuracy with a lead bullet.

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Where do the Henry rifles fit in the mix ?

Looking @ 45/70

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in this thread , they don't

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Originally posted by bendable:
did either make a bad run in a particular year?

did they put bad ring nuts in a particular run? which might need addressing ?

did a particular run get defective hammer bearings?

was a particular year or model prone to wandering sights?

As pointed out above, the early Remington made Marlins had lots of issues. I ordered a new one that had finish and headspace issues. The latest Remington produced guns seem to be of much better quality.

As far as Winchesters, the from 1964 up for a few years the receivers had issues with flaking finish due to a change in the metal used. Later Winchesters lacked that problem.

I have Winchesters and Marlins, but prefer the Marlins in both 30-30 and the pistol calibers.
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