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Hello Everyone,

So I recently acquired a new Ruger 10/22 Carbine. It has a natural wood stock and stainless barrel and hardware. Looks really sharp and will be perfect for my little one (in a few years). I have never installed a scope before, any advice would be welcome. It will mainly be used for plinking.

Can I get a decent rimfire scope for $150 or less? Leupold has some Freedom scopes in my range, are they any good? What about the Nikon Prostaff options?

What kind of scope rings do I need? I see prices from $10 to $80. Which ones do I need for the this 22? I see a lot of 10/22 have a picatinny rail installed, do I need to do that? If so, I guess I need a suggestion on one of those as well.

Model numbers or links would be awesome! So many variations out there.

Any tips for the install would be appreciated. I watched a few videos, but the only scoped rifle I own came that way, so no experience.

Thank you in advance!

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I like the Nikon pro staffs. Get solid a mount too.

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Used one of these on my Marlin 60 and really like it.

As for scope, you can spend as much as you're comfortable with, but this is a terrific option if you want something decent for not a lot of cash. After all, it's a rimfire, so you're not going to be out 100+ yards shooting. Smile

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I bought a Simmons 8-Point from WW for ~$50. I mounted it first with tall, see through Leupold rings so I could also use the iron sights if I needed to. I didn't like the way that looked (scope being so high) so I got a regular set of Leupold rings and I'm very happy with it now. The scope is a variable 4 -12x with a 40mm Obj. It's a fine enough scope, I do most hunting from 4x - 8x but the 12x is nice when I don't feel like carrying my binos.

It's really fun to shoot with it now, but after I get my barrel and recvr worked on by Randy it will be a real joy! I like to shooting playing cards at 50yds and I can't quite assassinate the "King" with a head-shot reliably yet
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Nikon and Leupold both make good scopes. You couldn't make a choice between the 2. My preference on the budget side of the 2 brands is Nikon.

As for rings, I use DNZ 1 piece.

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Both the Leupold & Nikon are good choices.

Here's a pair of 10/22's we put together for squirrel hunting and casual plinking. Both are light weight, but the lower rifle with the smaller scope is super light!
Just to give you an idea about scopes and the height of the rings vs the size of the scopes objective lens, also both need the rail to be mounted to the top of the receiver. (Most 10/22's have that rail loose in the box when you buy the gun)...

The upper rifle has a Vortex Diamondback 2.5-7x35mm scope mounted in Burris 1" Deluxe Rimfire Rings- Medium height rings.

The lower rifle has a Weaver2.5-7x28mm scope mounted in Vortex Optics 1" Hunter Weaver rings- Low height.

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Regardless of brand or model you buy, I recommend looking for a scope that is meant to be shot (and focused) at close distances. Some rifle scopes have a fixed parallax of 75, 100, even 150 yards. You and your little one may often be shooting at distances of 25 to 50 yards.

Therefore, adjust objective or adjustable parallax -- depending on how the manufacturer describes this feature -- should be considered. IMO this is more important than higher magnification. A clear, but visually smaller target can be precisely hit. A blurry, but visually larger target isn't ideal.
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I recently picked up a Leupold Freedom Rimfire and like it very much.

For scope bases/rings, I always use the DNZ Game Reaper one piece mounts on my 10/22's.

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I have the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 3-9X40 mounted on my SIG 522...I have been very pleased with it. The ranging reticle works well and the scope is very clear and sharp for the money. I used medium height Leupold quick detachable steel rings that I had laying around and it made for a good setup...

Also with free shipping from Brownell's with code if you have any issues with your purchase, Brownell's has a lifetime return policy...


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Currently mine is wearing a Leupold MkIV 3.5-10x, and it's just so I could get it to the range.

If you're going to shoot long distances, get as fine a crosshair as you can, as the fine crosshair on this scope is somewhat "in the way" of being really precise at the 100yds I was shooting.

I was looking at what a "rimfire" scope was myself, and as others have mentioned, rimfire scopes are parallax corrected for 50yds. Though, the error from parallax at greater distance isn't a whole lot, it depends how precise you want to be, and of course .22lr isn't going to go a very long distance before it just bounces off of what you're shooting.

I'll be looking for a good value permanent scope for this rifle myself, but I might just go to the Leupold custom shop for it, though that'll be spendy.


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I don't have any specific manufacturers or models to recommend, but one option might be air rifle scope. Spring-driven air rifles supposedly beat the bejeezus out of cheap scopes, so a true air rifle scope should last a long, long time on a 22lr. Air rifles scopes tend to have either adjustable parallax/objective or a relatively close fixed-distance parallax.

There are some air rifle scopes with reasonably clear glass that won't break the bank. But someone with better knowledge of them should weigh in on the various models.

During a Christmas sale I bought a Burris Timberline scope for my springer air rifle, and it was under $200 at the time. Such a deal probably doesn't exist this time of year. My Timberline is quality scope and it (or a similar optic) would do well on a 22lr.
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If you are going to be teaching your son to shoot with the 10/22 I'd recommend first using iron sights.

I actually started out and taught my kids on the same single shot bolt 22. Using irons first is a great way to learn the fundamentals of rifle shooting.

If you want to add a scope I second the Simmons that BigDeal posted. They make a silver versions that looks sharp on a stainless 10/22.

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Got my first stainless 10/22 given to me in the early 90's. From day one it wore a silver fixed 4x Simmons scope. Been just fine for a long time, and lets me hit tennis balls at 100 yards no problem.

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I went with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40.

I also ditched the supplied scope mount and bought this

If you wait until Father's day sale, you can find the Prostaff for around $80, but Amazon has it right now for $94 shipped on Prime, which is a really good deal. I think I paid around $120 for mine.
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Also, please invest $50 in a Wheeler FAT wrench, to get the proper torque on the mount and ring screws. Can save ample frustrations later on!
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VX1 2-7x28


Warne or Leupold QD rings

P229 Stainless Elite

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Thank you for all the input! There is a lot of good info here. Thanks for the links on scopes and mounts, lots of options out there.

Will probably pick one this weekend and hope to have a range report soon.
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I can't afford some pricy stuff but I have been hooked on burris for over a decade.several on ar's and 06.
even have one on my pcp rifle.
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Weaver Classic Rimfire 4x28

And these rings (Medium or low, depending on your preference - I have both).

B-Square 1" Sport Utility Weaver-Style Rings Medium Matte

I put larger scopes on my CZ 452/455, but the light 10/22s are so handy I prefer these Weaver 4x28 Classic Rimfire scopes.

Right at $150, less if you can find a sale (I bought both my scopes for just over $100 on Midways sales over the years).

The 4x is great, the parallax is set for rimfire ranges, and you don't need to fiddle with adjustable mag or stuff.

Just point and shoot. So much fun, every loves it.
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I put a silver Simmons 22 Mag (3x9x32 AO) on my 10/22. I used it with the simmons factory rings and the Ruger base plate for some time.
I later switched to silver Leupold Rifleman low rings and an EGW picatinny rail.

Been very happy with all of these choices.

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