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Amazing guns. Visually the #1 is really nice but I do love the HK as well. Expensive day for sure but you got some great guns.

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posting without pants
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Wow. Nice day... for everything but your wallet i guess.

Oh well, it's only money... you cant take it with you so might as well enjoy it.

Now go shoot those beautiful additions.

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Congrats on a great day.


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Very beautiful Ruger! Nicest wood I've ever seen on one.

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That ruger is just... WOW! That is why I try not to just stop and look in gun stores. Too many follow me back home.

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Originally posted by GrumpyBiker:
Beautiful stock !
Love the stainless with it.
But I’m a sucker for stainless & nickel.

Everything he said. Beautiful gun.


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Thanks. Never thought I'd buy a Ruger again but this one belongs up on the wall.
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Very nice No 1. If you ever want to move that .308 stainless No 1 just let me know. I used to have a No 3 in .375 Win that I wish I still had. Man, what a couple of nice a scores.
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Beauty and the beast

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Gorgeous rifle. I love mannlicher stocks. I don't own any yet.

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That #1 is beautiful. Nice score.

Ignem Feram
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You can always get more money....

Can’t really 100% guarantee getting another one of those stainless Rugers!

Bill R
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I love the stainless and walnut combo. And just love #1's in general.

Mine have nice wood in the butt stocks but I haven't seen that much figure in the fore ends.

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That Ruger No.1 is sweet! Very nice find.

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Do yourself a favor and pull the end of the 91’s buttstock off (work it side to side). After it’s off look at the buffer inside. They made a short and a long version. Short is about 2.5”, long about 3.5”. The long version makes for a softer shooting rifle.

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Ruger No. 1's are some of the prettiest rifles out there. I had a "Light Sporter" (22-inch barrel with the front sling mount on the barrel) in .30-06 for a while, just because I thought it was cool. It wasn't much fun to shoot off a bench, however. Without a reciprocating action, you can have a 22-inch barrel but the overall length that of a carbine, or a 26-inch the same length as an average bolt but with more velocity in the bullet.
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Love that Ruger No. 1 International.

That combination of wood, steel and mechanical action are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Niech Zyje P-220

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