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Anyone using a Fostech trigger? Is it worth the price and does it function as advertised? May be a moot question if they get banned long with bump stocks!

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I have binary triggers from both FosTech and Franklin Armory and purchased them when they first came out. I put the Franklin Armory Gen III trigger into the MPX and it has worked out well. The FosTech at the required a specialized BCG that came with the trigger or required you to modify your existing BCG. If I recall correctly they have since addressed that issue. I haven't tried to FosTech, yet, but function check appears good.
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Fair warning on Fostech. I tried to get RMA/Customer Service from them with zero percent response to my plight. FWIW I like the product but am not a fan of the service.

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Fostech sells the replacement part that will convert a gen 1 trigger to use a regular full auto profile bcg. Yes, they work as advertised. I can't answer if it is worth it, do you want the ability to fire quickly with out all the NFA cost and scrutiny, that is up to you to decide?
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Put the Fostech in a Spikes Tactical Crusader.
Only had it out once.

Nice for shooting a precision second shot, no jerking of the trigger.
Shoot one target, move to the next and fire with release of the trigger.

For mimicking full auto fire, naw just a waste of ammo. Requires you to pull the trigger all the way back to stage it for the second shot.

Think with a little bit of fiddling and know how you could improve the reset for the second shot.
There was a YouTube video showing how to improve the trigger. Need to look for it, hope they haven't taken it down.

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