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I've wanted one of these for some time, being a 243 reloader and liking the bullet weight/selection better than some of the .224 options for hunting. It made more sense with projectiles being limited more in the .224 flavor more these days, and I can almost always find 6mm ones on the local shelves. Being able to get a 85gr bullet to 2750fps sounds like a good time to me. I was able to dies and case gauge in stock at midway

The barrel length is a little "funky" on this build, as it started life as a Brux benchrest barrel that a guy cut down a chunk to make a 12.5" barrel and turned the remaining 15" into this one. I plan to chop it to 12.5" as well this summer, but I'll test it as is for now. Upper is a Hera Arms billet I got in a trade, and a locally made M-Lok handguard with a spikes BCG. I put a vortex 1-8 Strike Eagle on it and a spare inforce WML. It will have to share my SBR lower until my other E-Form 1 gets approved.

Sadly it will be another few weeks before I can even load for this thing, but I have a dozen or so bullet choices between 62-95gr to try with H4895, TAC and H335.

Anybody else here have experience with this round?


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I have a Vintage (early/mid 80's) SGW (Olympic) 6mmx45 barrel,

standard 20", heavy barrel,
I cannot remember who made my dies, but they are similar vintage,

I built it up as a standard A1 looking AR, and painted a Red band on the front of the handguards so I would not forget what it is,

it shoots very well, with 100gr or less bullets, and easy to make brass, just lube up the .223/5.56 and run it thru the dies
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