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Added a Modlite/Mod Button/Ariska mount. Black Friday sale! Like the Mod Button, Arisika mount solid, jury is out on the Modlite PLHV2 head, it's bright! I thought the same when a I bought a Surefire XS300 too though.

Have Daniel Defense rear sight from a AR I sold several years ago. Ordered a DD fixed front last week. If I do put sights on it, they'll be fixed. Will shoot it with just a front sight first, dot off and on, go from there.

Put 100rds through it yesterday doing timed drills. Timer doesn't always pick up with the can, no doubt those are the ones I hit my time goals!! Bring the tripod to use a rack while can is cooling.

This thing sure does run.

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Stock 16" Colt LE6920 with carry handle and iron sights.

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Karilian boarding phaser in the 40 watt range...oh I mean a BRN-180S with wood grain hydro dipped alien armor, Aeroknox Orion grip, and tailbook brace.

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My current H.D. AR ready to go:

Bravo Co 16" carbine w/ Geissele SAA
Daniel Defense Omega handguard
Magpul MOE stock, Ergo grip
Tango Down VFG stubby
Troy flip up rear sight
Aimpoint CompML2 w/ LaRue quick release mount
VTAC sling

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Wait, what?
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I’m conflicted- I like the simplicity of old school, no frills. Both are 14.5” uppers with pinned flash hiders. The all black is a true M-4 kit coming in at 7 pounds loaded. The camo with E1 sights started out as a pistol but when I made the barrel a true 16.5”, I stretched the shockwave out to make a light, rigid minimalist “stock”. I say light, but it has a heavy barrel and tips the scales at 8.2 pounds.

Then there’s the 10.5” Adams Arms piston upper pistol that decked out hits 9.2 pounds, due to the heavy machine gun profile barrel. Sparc cowitnessed. If the powers that infringe succeed in making braces illegal, I’ll put a foam slip on the tube and shoulder it anyway.

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Started as a 6920. Swapped the lower for one without the sear block and added an echo trigger. Installed a Knights Handguard. Put an ACOG on and a light. Upgraded the charging handle and bolt carrier from AAC.

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I think my newest 6920 may be my favorite. It's the 6920HBPW with a 14.5 SOCOM barrel and a factory pinned and welded flash hider. Maybe it's because I got what I consider a decent price on it despite it being shortly after Colt had halted civilian production.

The fun part was acquiring it. About a year ago over on the ARForum, there was someone who posted they saw it in person locally at a gun shop in TX. They were discussing whether it would be a good purchase or not. The OP was hemming and hawing about maybe buying it...

Meanwhile, I was looking up that gun shop in Texas, called them up and sure enough they had it NIB for $1099. I placed my order post haste.

While they were talking, I was buying! Big Grin

I really like the rifle. It's basically the same as a Colt SOCOM except it has the traditional M4 double heat shield hand guards instead of the KAC rail. It makes for a sweet little KISS carbine. I love those SOCOM barrels!!!
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Okay if im playing gunfighter...

My noveske 12.5" upper with AAC SPR-M4 supressor and aimpoint T1.

Its my favorite gun to shoot.

BCM lower with ALG trigger and Magpjl furniture works well.

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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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I've reconsidered my options since I live just outside the Portland metro area and I decided on an AR pistol with a side-folder. PSA 10.5" nitride pistol with Vickers sling and Sylvan Arms Gen 3 folding stock adapter. I couldn't find a LAW Tactical in stock so went with the Sylvan. Also sports a Surefire X-300 and Magpul handguards.


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LMT Defender 2000.
Switched out the front sight to a Midwest Industry HK style with the tritium.
Aimpoint Comp M-4
Magpul sling
Inforce light

(And heavy as a cinder block)

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BCM SBR in 5.56, 11.5 inch barrel, Free float KMR rail, Silencerco Short muzzle Break with Omega 30, Short BCM vertical forend grip, Streamlight TLR1 at 6'Oclock position, Aimpoint T1 (25 Yards), Magpul Pro flip up BUIS, Magpul CTR stock, Timiny 4 lb single stage trigger, KNS Pins, Bad Lever, Magpul Ms4 Sling, Lancer Smoke 30 round Mags

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Mine is simple - a light Mforgery (semi auto), with an Aimpoint and a folding rear backup. The only other mod is a really good trigger from JP Rifles.

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Colt 6933 stock, no aftermarket crap.Colt MK18 upper on top of Colt M-16 lower stock no aftermarket crap.No magpul BS.
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[IMG:left] [/IMG]

My issued duty carbine. Plain and simple and has worked like a champ everyday at work since 2006.
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For all things close and fast.
Model 653 M16A1 Carbine Big Grin

For everything else.
BCM 11.5" with BCM Quad.

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The parts to make this AR were bought just before the 1994 AWB went into effect. The lower is a PWA which was taken over and/or assumed by LMT. From what I understand, PWA actually made some of LMT’s lowers in the day. The upper is of unknown manufacture (we bought what we could at the time). It has a fluted 20” barrel and a semi-auto DPMS bolt carrier group made in late 1993 early 1994. It was never built while the AWB was in place as the ATF changed the rules about what constituted a pre-ban rifle after I got all the parts. Years later, after the AWB lapsed, a friend of mine who was a former Green Beret, took the parts to a former team member in the area and they put it together for me. Despite its overall age, it is relatively new and has worked flawlessly.

Frankly, I’m more of a shotgun guy. What I would really like for HD is an original Browning Auto-5 with a 18.5” barrel and a +2 round magazine extension. Finding enough 922r parts is the problem. I find it ironic that my Remington Versa Max Tactical, with an 8+1 capacity, is legal but an A-5 with a 6+1 capacity isn’t. I’m almost to the point of having a spare 26” Belgium barrel cutdown and be satisfied with the 4+1 capacity. Thread drift off.


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M&P15 Tactical with the 5R barrel
M-lock forend
VG6 Gamma compensating brake
Mini ACOG 2x with a green crosshair retical
MBT trigger group
K2+ grip
MFT Minimalist stock
Wilson bolt release
Ambi mag release
Now I need a light solution.
Vickers sling
Lancer mags.

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