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My favorite is a 6933 Colt Commando factory SBR with a Fastfire AR-F3. Light, simple, fast. Anything too far away for it to handle calls for 7.62, I feel.
If I was consciously taking it into a fight that I couldn't run away from, I might swap the Fastfire for the Leupold CQ/T 1-3 but that's about it.


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My "Fighting" AR is a bit of an oddball. Since I don't really see any engagements beyond 100 yards or so I would rely on my 16 inch AR in 300 BLK. Because I like big fat bullets and a 125 grain Nosler Ballistic tip will prove much more effective on meat targets at 100 yard ranges. In addition those heavier bullets aren't effected nearly as much as the 223 by small twigs and the like.

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BCM and DD lightweights. DD fixed sights. Aimpoint T1. X300 mounted In front of front sight at 12 o’clock. BFG Vickers sling. 16” mid length.


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Since I’ve never been in a fighting position and unlikely I ever will be, but from a stationary position

But moving probably this

or maybe with the collapsing stock thats currently on it.

Front hand guard & bipod might be replaced with the lighter weight plastic.

If it has to be an AR, I’d most likely grab my KAC SR-15 & 300 Blackout upper.

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I’m a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) kind of guy. Colt 6920 I’ve had for 10 years still completely factory stock. Put a scope on, hardly used it and took it off. Not sure I wouldn’t grab one of my AK’s first... Wait a minute. After I posted I remembered I put a Geissele trigger in it.

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Currently mine is a ride along in the work truck, so I went short:

PSA lower and kit with Delta team 7.5 upper in 223 Wylde. Flash can to try and save my ears a little, Aimpoint PRO backed up up by flip ups, shockwave blade (registered as a pistol for now) an Olight and no name 2 point adjustable sling.

Accuracy is head shot capable at 50 yards but only body shots at 100. For what I want, that will do.
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This HD AR has been a work in progress. 11.5" Barrel is a bi-product of this project.

Dedicated for suppressor TBAC Ulta 7. Gas length is a carbine +1, Vltor upper, old Noveske lower, Lantac BCG, Giessle trigger, BCM hand gaurd, Tubbs spring/H2 buffer, Trijicon MRO, CLE chamber (same as Wylde with a shorter freebore). Runs like a well oiled sewing machine, very smooth/fast shooting. Have about 2K rounds on it. Velocity with MK262 2520fps, 77 grain handloads the same, no pressure. Will add a light soon to finish it off. Plan on taking a low light class with it. Next year will have Compass Lake cut two more barrels same specs, use a cheaper barrel blank though.

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BCM upper with 14.5, and a TA31 Aurora reticle
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Colt m4a1 socom upper
Geissele mk16 rail
Kahles k16i in Geissele 2.04” mount
Aimpoint TL in Arisaka 45 degree offset mount
Arisaka 600 series light body with Malkoff E2XT head in Arisaka mount.
DeadAir Sandman-K can
Colt select fire lower with Geissele SSF trigger

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Colt 6920 with an Arms Buis (with a CSAT Aperature), Aimpoint Pro and Magpul furniture.

When My barrel failed throat erosion a couple of years ago, I put a stainles mid length gas system barrel on it with a YHM folding front/gas block.

Light is a streamlight TLR1 HL HD with a pressue switch, Sling is a VTAC padded 2 point. I also have reflective stickers for a motors unit on both sides of the handguard so some excited rookie doesn't shoot at me.

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2020 made me think about this quite a bit, for sure, as no doubt it did many of you.
16" barrel (birdcage up front)
Carbine length gas
MilSpec trigger
H3 buffer (standard spring, ejection confirmed)
Magpul stock and grip (ergos fit me, grip a little more vertical, stock a little bulkier)
Eotech EXPS3
Magpul Gen 3 mags
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Scar16 sbr
Streamlight wml
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Colt LE6920 SOCOM. I added a Radian Raptor ambi charging handle, Larue MBT2s trigger, Holosun HE530G red dot, and a Proctor sling.
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16" LWRC M6A2 Upper
LWRC Skirmish Sights
LWRC Ambi Charging Handle
Blue-force Gear Padded Vickers Sling
Blue-force Gear M16 Stock Adapter
PSA Complete A2 EPT lower
Fulton Armory A1 Stock
Streamlight Protac HLX w/ Cloud Defensive LCS
Silencer Co ASR 3 prong flash hider
Redi-Mag Gen 1
Magpul MIAD Grip
Aimpoint Comp M3 with ADM lower 1/3 mount

I chose this set up for reliability, if times go south the piston upper should work well in less desirable conditions. The Aimpoint Comp M3 has a 50k battery life, I also added 2 battery module pieces so I have approximately 150k hours of battery life for the red dot.

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Nothing fancy, just a plain old Ruger AR-556.

One of my Ruger "family." (The others are a Mk IV 22/45 Lite and a LCP.) In ~500 rounds it has gone bang every time. I also have a M&P15-22 as an "understudy."
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16” CMMG barrel, rifle length magpul forend. Colt bolt and a coated mystery carrier. A2 front sight with useless bayonet lug, just because the state says we can’t have one. LMT rear. And it’s never on a lower because it never gets fired. lmao

But I put it together because I thought “you know, I really should have a “regular” 5.56 upper”. (My other two 5.56 uppers are competition setups)

ETA.. not a good picture, but honestly I didn’t even recall having this one.
The upper is someone’s idea of FDE , but it’s anodized so it’s more a bronze look.
A very old washed out Colt magazine in the photo, which means the pic is at least 8 years old. I had no idea.

Lower is an old pre-ban PWA with a CMC trigger that gets used on every upper that isn’t a match rifle.

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12.5" Suppressed carbine. The build list is;

  • 12.5" Centurion midweight midlength barrel with pinned Centurion gas block
  • 11.5" Hodge Pinchlock rail in titanium anodizing
  • Vltor MUR-1S upper receiver
  • BCM/Vltor Mod4 ambi charging handle
  • Sionics NP3 bolt carrier w/ a phosphate Colt bolt
  • Sionics H2 buffer w/ Sprinco Blue spring
  • Sionics Gutless lower receiver
  • SB Tactical SBA4 brace
  • BCM Mod2 grip
  • Geissele SSA-E trigger
  • Forward Controls Design EMR/A, EMR, +10% magazine catch spring
  • Forward Controls Design ASF Q 50° safety selector
  • Forward Controls Design MSQ-H sling adapter
  • Railscales Karve-P handstop
  • Aimpoint H1 w/ Reptilia lower 1/3 mount, Forward Controls Design ATA, KAC battery cover
  • KAC micro BUIS (USMC surplus 600m rear, NSWC surplus front)
  • KAC offset scout mount
  • Arisaka 3-series scout body with Surefire Z68 and Malkoff 3V scout head
  • Q cherry bomb with Q Trash Panda suppressor

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    RRA Coyote Carbine.
    Bought the upper by itself from RRA on a special price.
    Made up the lower myself with all RRA parts.

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    I wanted something simple, I didn't give a crap about and it's become a favorite. Isn't that how it works???? Cool

    Springfield Armory SAINT, mid-length gas, replaced BCM hand guard with Magpul. Trijicon MRO and BFG Vickers One sling.


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    Colt 6920, SBRed to 10.3”, Aimpoint T1, DD Lite rail, Surefire M600, KAC Micro BUIS, Vickers padded sling, Deadair Sandman S.

    All black.


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