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What is it? Carbine length, or mid length? Front sight post, or flip ups? 10 inch or 20 inch? Optic? Light? Rail system? Painted or not? Brand?

Tell me about it?

Hell, post a pic!

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Colt LE6920, 16"; Magpul handguard, grip, stock, magazine, sling; Aimpoint CompML3; someone’s flip-up rear BUS; Tango Down(?) VFG; someone’s flash suppressor (AAC, IIRC); INFORCE light.

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I have two favorites atm.

Number one is currently on HD duty and is a mix-master mutt. RRA lower and upper, Colt Socom 14.5 pinned barrel, old school Larue quad rail, front post gas block, Aimpoint, VFG with Surefire pressure switch and scout. Runs like a scalded ape.

Number two is my current favorite and would be my gun to grab for a class. Spikes lower & upper, Larue MBT trigger, BA mid length Hanson barrel 14.5” barrel, 13” BCM mlok rail, flip up irons, Aimpoint PRO, handstop, Surefire scout with tail switch.

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I'm not sure what fighting AR style is. But for the longest time going back to your colt post it was a colt 6940 with an aimpoint, surefire light with IR, switch, dbal or PEQ, PVS14, backup irons, sling and maybe something I'm forgetting.
But when the brace era arrived all that went on a shorter barrel version MK18 type gun.

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I would describe my style as “what can I find on sale that will get me close to what I want but can’t afford.”

The base unit is a 1st Gen VTAC S&w M&P 15. On top is an Aimpoint Pro with backup Magpul flip up sights. The light and attachment came with the rifle as part of the package as did the VTAC sling that is not in the picture. The Surefire light is old and there are better options but this one still works so it gets to stay. It has a Magpul VFG because again, it was on sale and I couldn’t justify the money for one of those shorter ones from BCM. The stock is currently a LaRue version because the original VLTOR had a habit of pulling my beard whiskers out one-by-one. I just ordered a piece of neoprene from McMillen to put over the top to cover the joints that were pulling the hairs so the original VLTOR may be making a return if that neoprene does the job of saving my beard.

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Currently, a 16” Daniel Defense, carbine gas gun with an Omega rail, A2 front sight and A1.5 rear. Aimpoint PRO cowitnessed, with SureFire Scout 300 light. MagPul CTR Stock and MOE grip and trigger guard under an ALG Defense ACT trigger. Using a VTAC padded sling.

Working on a very similar Spikes/PSA build but with a Leupold 1-5x VX5 HD FireDot scope and flip up sights. This one will have an Edgar Sherman Design sling.

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My main rifle (work and gets shot the most) is a 10.5 sbr. Has a pws lower, an aero upper, noveske chf barrel, geissele mk8 forend, ssa trigger, and bcm stock and grip. Currently has a scout light, T1, knights buis, and aac flash hider and m4-2000. Nothing is painted on this one. All black minus the forend, scout light, and io cover on the t1 is fde, and the front sight is of course taupe from knights (couldn't resist buying that a few years back when rsr got a bunch of them in stock). I have to upload a pic then when I'm back at a computer.
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Bushmaster lower with an unknown-maker CAR-style upper. Simple sling. At times, I’ve mounted an out-of-print Viking Tactics SureFire mount to the forearm.

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I carried a Bushmaster 16” heavy barrel,
fixed front sight block,
Changed the front sight to a trijicon insert,
A Wilson clamp on three small rails that fit in the FSB- for a small pistol light,
USGI sling,
Hogue pistol grip,
6 position stock,
A2upper with fixed carry handle.
Nothing fancy
All utility,

When I retired I swapped the upper to an A4 flattop,
Removed the FSB,
Installed an adjustable GB,
Put a SigSauer QD three prong flash hider for my can,
Replaced the regular grips with a Midwest industries gen 2 free float tube with a small diameter tube.
Also put a CMC drop in one stage trigger(got it on sale at midway)

Then I built another one just like it out of a DPMS with a pencil barrel...(friend was getting separated and needed cash)

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Mine started as a Spike's Tactical M4LE upper and BCG on a Rock River lower and LPK. Carbine-length gas, standard M4 FSB. I swapped the RR trigger for an ALG QMS and the M4 buttstock for a Magpul CTR. I mounted a used Aimpoint Comp-M4 that I picked up from Arfcom, and added a BFG Vickers sling and a Surefire Scout light. The light and front sling QD are both on a mount I found at Midwest Industries that clamps on the FSB. The tape switch for the light was held in place by a couple of rubber bands.

A couple years ago I decided to modify it just a bit. I removed the FSB and handguards / D-ring / barrel nut and replaced them with a slim 13" MLok rail and low profile gas block, and MBus front and rear flip-up BUIS. I swapped the big heavy Comp-M4 for a Sig Romeo-5 RDS, and replaced the A2 pistol grip with a BCM Gunfighter. I have a cheap Vortex 4-12 scope on a PEPR QD mount that I can swap the RDS for in a couple of minutes. It even returns to zero fairly well. I also upgraded the QMS trigger to an ACT. Mounting for the light, tape switch and sling QD are all MLok now. Just recently I replaced the A2 flash hider with a YHM FH that includes a QD mount for a suppressor. I use the same can on one other AR and will also on my 6.5CM bolt gun as soon as I get it threaded.

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It started life as a Colt 6920LE.

Removed FSB
Diamondback slim handguard
Surefire light mounted at 9:00
Leupold 1.25-4 scope in ADM mounts
Flip up sights
Magpul ACS stock
Hogue pistol grip
Geiselle trigger
Ambi mag release and safety
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Mine is old school. An Armalite A2 mid-length upper with a PSA nickel boron bolt on a Lauer (LMT) lower with a Spykes parts kit, Magpul grip and trigger guard and a Colt SP1 A1 stock.
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I have 2,

one is a RRA lower and parts kit, A1 fixed stock,
A2 upper, 16" with some spare parts funky flash hider,

runs like a top

the other is a converted Sendra lower, (happy switch) 11.5 SGW heavy barrel, on a A1 upper and a simple A1 flash hider,
Colt aluminum collapsible stock,

3 round burst currently in it,

it has many many rounds thru it and also runs like a top
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Bushmaster lower with A2 stock and a LaRue grip, PSA Freedom 16" mid-length upper with ss barrel and a standard HG. FSB with AimPoint M68 in LaRue CCO mount. Noveske rear buis. With 20rd Aluminum GI mag. Simple, not cluttered. No sling right now.

I like simple. Fairly light weight. Handy. All the other stuff is fluff, imho.

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I only have one in 5.56, just a mutt.
PSA 16" upper and Anderson Lower.

Tried the red dot and went with a 1x6 PA scope.
Swapped the charging handle out for a Radian Raptor.
Swapped the PSA BGC for a Radian one.
Swapped out the carbine action for a Vltor A5 running running an A5H2 buffer.
Used the trigger from a BCM lower kit.
No BU sights, I have a few sets, I just don't run them on my scoped rifles.
I do plan on getting an Inforce light and mounting it in place of the front sight.
Vickers Blue Force padded sling mounted fore and aft.

I had been looking at 1.9" mounts to get the scope up a bit and just got in a Yankee Hill .5" riser to try it out.
That seems much better for me, I just need to get out and try it out live.
It puts my head at a better angle to see through my bifocals, my neck isn't kinked over as much and my ear muff isn't pushed out of the way trying to get a good cheek weld.

As it is now.

Just got this in, no more mags in the back pocket.

Handy place to mount the Safariland holster too.

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Carbine length gas system. Geissele trigger. Bravo company upper. Sbr’d to please the three letter guys.

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Colt 6921. KAC M4 RAS, Surefire Scout light, Vicker's sling. Accurate and fun to shoot.
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SIG 516
Trijicon ACOG
Surefire light
Wilson Combat TTU
Magpul STR stock and PRO flip sights
BFG custom sling
Stock finish

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LE6945CQB - Meprolight M21 - INFORCE WML - SiCo Omega 300

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CMMG SBR'd lower, LMT MRP CQB upper with 10.5" barrel, AAC Blackout FH, Aimpoint H1 and Surefire X300. No photos...haven't been home since January.

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