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Get on the fifty!
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I'm a sucker for anything Czech/milsurp, and this fit the bill. Got a call from the store and I went down to give it a look.

Its a Czech M52/VZ52. I've been on the lookout for one for a while but never found one for the right price or decent enough shape. Came with an extra mag and a couple hundred rounds of 7.62x45. It's not in perfect shape but quite nice for it's age. No import marks that I can find. Rifling is very strong and no corrosive pitting to be found (I don't think non-corrosive 7.62x45 exists). Excited to shoot it, but probably won't run too many rounds. Cool caliber but not very common. Anyone else own one?

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No, but it's definitely been on my "that would be cool to own" list for a while. Hasn't anyone ever geared up to make brass?
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Yep, mine was a complete factory refurb, with new barrel, and plumb bolt. No import stamp too. Sold it last year, never even fired it, but wow what a great rifle, with an interesting mechanism.

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Yeah, have had one for a while. IIRC, it ejects to the left.
Many of those imported got the stocks coated with bedoliner to hide cracks, etc. It's nice to find one that hasn't been so treated. OP's looks like it might have been coated and then cleaned up.

There was onlly one other firearm that ever used the same ammo, a light machine gun. The ammo is filthy as heck.

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