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For you guys running the 300 blackout in a 8" setup, what buffer spring/weight are you running?

How is the perceived recoil?

Ejection pattern?

Short story, I am running a 8" 300 setup with a Geiselle trigger. Ever round is hitting the deflector (solid hit_not slight deflection).
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Carbine spring & H2.. ejecting at 330 Mark
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For real?
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Same as above.

Recoil is fine. Can't tell the difference between 5.56. all my cases are dented. My AAC lower came with the SSA trigger from the factory.

Not minority enough!
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The brass hitting the deflector is a result of the short case length, not the buffer weight. Gas volume will have more effect on ejection direction. Gluing a piece of leather or the fuzzy side of a Velcro pair on the defector will minimize brass denting. Dented cases are a common signature of this round.

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Spikes ST T2 buffer 99% suppressed, no ejection problems.

David W.

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Another one using Spikes ST T2 with no problems. Empties ejecting about 4 o'clock, supersonic suppressed.
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