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It's from a good friend of mine, he's going to be turning 80 and didnt shoot at all last year so he's decided to get rid of the few firearms he has except one for "home defense" and thought I'd take good care of it and made me an offer I couldn't refuse ... $1. I'm not sure if there's something he's not telling me ... he's a 3 time cancer survivor, so it's possiable.

It's a synthetic stock in nice shape and he put a cheap scope on it a few years ago ... Not sure if he ever shot it, I kind of doubt it. I took it to the range tonight and finally hit a steel gong at 50 yards by aiming about a foot under it. It's not really "my type", of rifle; no pistol grip, no folding or retractable stock, no threaded barrel ... I found a ProMag folding stock on Optic's Planet but not sure if it'll fit the 22 Magnum, and even if it does, not sure how sturdy it is. Haven't found a magizene that holds over 8 rounds either but I guess that's okay for a truck gun.

I've only done a quick search on GunBroker and a bit on Google ... Is there any aftermarket support for this? Otherwise it'll just sit in the safe until I start thinning out my accumulation.

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No help but nice he gave it too you. At some point many of us will do or have done similar things.

.22 mag is a great rd. btw.

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I've got a 597 set up pretty much the same way. 20 round clips are or were available (in plastic), and I'm not exactly sure just how "cheap" my scope is, but it is an inexpensive fun little plinker for what it is.
Mine has been used to introduce both my sons to shooting a rifle. We had a lot of fun with it.

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