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What is the quality of current production Browning shotguns? Specifically the BPS?
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As good as it has ever been I reckon. They have always been made by Miroku in Japan.

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I hope that you get some useful answers to balance my useless answer of 'they're so handsome that I don't even want to shoot them'.

More seriously, if the responses here are few then try the Shooting Sportsman BBS or the Shotgunworld BBS.

As posted above, it seems unlikely that the factory would let quality slip.

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I have an older BPS and it has been rock solid. A great shotty.

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My friend has a bps maybe it’s an upland special, I’m not sure it has a straight grip. Anyways it’s a very nice gun, I would t hesitate to buy one.
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I learned to hunt quail with a 20ga youth model. Loved that thing.
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I've got an older one that I got from my uncle when he moved to CA.
BPS Invector 12ga. Great shotgun, only issue I've had is a roll pin on the sight rib that tends to walk out after a few shots.

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Had one once. Liked it.

Chunk cracked off the stock, right behind the receiver.

Browning would replace the butt stock only. Total mismatch of the wood color and grain.

Sold it. Still own other Brownings, but have not bought another since.
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