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I was going through the collection and realized I have a lot of .30 cal rifles, some 30 total. I tried thinking which was my favorite and it was tough!

But in my mind I thought I could give them all away except for one, my first M1 Garand. It was my first US military surplus arm and it was a wedding present. I'll have to add a picture later.

But what is your favorite 7.62/.30 cal battle rifle and why, include a picture if you can? Anything .30 cal counts....

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It's not my first choice for practical purposes/defensive use (where something like a SCAR-H would be a better choice), but for sheer joy of shooting, give me a M1 Garand.

Honorable mention goes to the M1917. It's one of my favorite bolt-action military rifles in general, and IMO better than the M1903 in everything but weight.

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The H&K G3

Only because I had a chance to shoot it twice with the Bundeswehr. Nice rifle!

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Ditto the FAL. Especially the Para model.

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FAL, specifically the STG58 variant

I like the design, and the look of the Stoll flash hider on these.

Originally posted by YooperSigs:
Ditto the FAL. Especially the Para model.

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Garand or M14,

shoot plenty of G3's and FAL, just never cared for them,

bolt wise, 1903 any day
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My favorite is the Garand. It's just a classic. My FAL would come in second.

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Currently a G3 is the only battle rifle in the safe. I’ve owned a Socom 16, an FAL variant (Israeli) and ended up sticking with the G3.

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M14. A rifleman's rifle if ever there was one.

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KAC SR25 CC or PC. They are truly the pinnacle of the Stoner pattern 762x51 battle rifle. I’ve owned HK91, LaRue OBR, LMT MWS, have time behind the M1A, have time behind the FAL, and shoot a friend’s SCAR17 frequently. The SR25 CC and PC are my favorite of all.

They are highly reliable, ergonomic (Stoner pattern), great with a suppressor, accurate, handy (especially the CC which feels like an AR15 to me), fast handling, fast on reloads, soft shooting (especially with KAC MAMS), and have best in class optic mounting (because of AR15 commonality). The only thing not to like is the price.

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SCAR 17. I had my fill of the M14 while in the Marines and have no desire to use an M14 as a ‘Battle Rifle’. Other purposes, perhaps. But, as a Battle Rifle in 2019, no.
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My K-31 is my favorite. If for no other reason than its near mechanical perfection.
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I love my Garand but the Israeli Mauser is sentimental. Tough to pick.


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Originally posted by 2PAK:
SCAR 17. I had my fill of the M14 while in the Marines and have no desire to use an M14 as a ‘Battle Rifle’. Other purposes, perhaps. But, as a Battle Rifle in 2019, no.

I follow with your preferences... My SCAR 17 , after almost 8 years of getting proficient with it.
I know what ammo it likes, what ammo shoots the most accurately in it, etc.
Just the best choice, for me with both intermediate and long range scopes.

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KAC SR25 and LaRue OBR, with possible nod to the SR25. Advantages of these rifles include:
- Great accuracy. Compared to some battle rifles, noticeably superior accuracy.
- Easy mounting of sight systems.
- Easy mounting of shooting accessories such as night vision, laser, light, bipod.
- Cycling tolerates various bullet weights and powder charges.
- Although the DI action dumps carbon into the action, the BCG is easily cleaned and lubed. The barrel is cleaned in the proper direction -- from breech to muzzle.
- Easily suppressed.
- Maintains accuracy over long periods without fuss.
- Barrel maintains accuracy as it heats up and cools down.
- Easy ergonomics adjustments -- buttstock, grip, rail, trigger.
- Relatively easy caliber changes. Because the 308 round is getting long in the tooth, and 6.5mm and 7mm bores perform better at distances beyond 400 yards.

There are quality rifles prior to the AR10-ish platform, but these rifles have been surpassed by modern firearms.

Next in line would be the SCAR 17.
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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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Everyone knows mine by now.

The M14 just has soul. There are rifles that are easier to clean, easier to accuratize, easier to accessorize but the M14, despite its age, can still be modernized, accuratized or be configured as a classic steel and wood work of art.

It's nostalgic to its fan base and they see it as worth the money to still buy or build one.

In its basic form, when properly built, it's easily a very capable battle rifle with sufficient battlefield accuracy (man-sized hits out to long distances). The iron sights are some of the best ever designed.

It still fits the form factor for a hunting rifle if that's your thing and there are plenty of M14/M1A owners that harvest deer every year with their old battle rifle. Many of them are just standard rifles.

It served the military as the premier service rifle for many years and can be built into a sub-MOA hammer...

You can build a nine pound M14 or a 19 pound M14. There are lots of possibilities.


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I am quite pleased with my LMT MWS. It is accurate, you can change the barrels out easily, and it uses P mags.
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M14, I had one in the service. Loved it.

I have a M1A.

But I really really love the SMLE/ no.4- but it’s .303

I’ve had three at different times in my life. And I’m jonesing for another now.

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