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Agreed. I own the black synthetic and it’s a wonderful “working gun” but there is nothing quite like the Remington finishes on the old 1100’s. Anyone who gets behind mine can’t believe how soft of a shooter it is but in the looks department ... well, it’s just black.

Should the V3 line develop post-chapter 11 (and I expect it will under someone’s eleses flag) I would expect a High Grade model as well as a 20 gauge.

However, in the meantime, The Waterfowl Pro is a damn fine shotgun. Well thought out and well executed. IMO, at that price point, there is nothing better in SA until you go Fabarm.

It’s next on our list should we pick up another 12 gauge.

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Many of you are expressing the same thoughts as I. What will happen to the Versamax system/shotgun line, will the new owner or revamped company expand it into a more luxury or premier shotgun category while retaining support for the home defense models, etc.? I think that's why I hesitate to pick up the V3 Tactical for now from REMINGTON.

ceptor781 - appreciate the intel. I was also thinking along the lines of a Magpul stock, but my FIL has a nice maple wood set from an old 870 I can use. I only wish someone made a wooden Magpul design rear stock.
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With how the gun industry is doing in 2020, only an idiot would ignore the potential behind Remington.
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Originally posted by DaBigBR:
Tac 13? That thing is Bigfoot... Everybody says they're real but I've never seen one...

The TAC-13 V3 is actually terrific, my wife got me one for last X-Max and have about 800 rounds through it - if held properly, I can hit about 20 our of 25 sporting clays (shooting club automatic oscillating machine thrower). My twin 12-year olds love to shoot it...

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Originally posted by parabellum:
Originally posted by Dakor:
Was able to handle the Remmie V3 Tactical
Remmie shotty? 12 gaugey? What's the pricey?

I still remember your reaction to someone a few years ago who called a Bushmaster Dissipator a "Bushy Dissy." Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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