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I know Remington has been woefully lacking in QC with their products for some time now but I’ve been quite pleased with the V3’s I’ve picked up. About a case through the Tac-13 in its current configuration and just got the Tactical model ready for the range to see how she does.

Anybody else happy with their V3?

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I absolutely love my V3...but I have the Field Sport 26" synthetic and not the tactical. It is the softest shooting semi-auto made, has great balance, is easy to maintain and, the best part, if feels just like the 870's I grew up shooting.

I'm a big fan!

Look to see the whole V3 lineup expand, expand, expand....just not to the 20 gauge anytime soon according to my local Remington rep.

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I have a Versa Max Tactical. It has been flawless. The V3 is a slightly updated model. I wish I could get an 18.5" barrel for mine.


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