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I bought a Ruger No 1 in 7mm-08, and as you may all know No 1s are known to be difficult regarding scope mounting due to the location of the 'rib'. This typically results in the use offset scope rings or rails, bringing the scope back far enough to be usable with typical eye relief of under 4 inches. This places the scope completely over the action, making it inconvenient to load/unload cartridges. (so I've been told)

I bought a Leupold VXR Scout scope, which has long eye relief (6 inches), so I could mount more forward. It's a 1-5 X 33, and on paper I thought it was a great solution. But in practice I have no way to mount it where it needs to be using the Ruger factory rib and ring locations. I bought a picatinny rail from EGW, to allow me more flexibility in positioning the scope. It will take some work to use this rail, as it will need to be bedded for proper fitting.

It will do what I need, but now I'm looking at a picatinny rail that is larger than the Ruger factory rib, and a scope with a 30mm tube that just looks large to me on the rifle. The scope is fantastic, but I'm having second thoughts. Am I putting a monstrosity on an elegant rifle?

Here's a photo of the rifle below a No 3 with a VarX III on it. The No 3 is in 7mm Krag and is a larger rifle:

The No 3 is a new acquisition, and I have no experience shooting these rifles with scopes. For those of you who have used No 1s with a scope, is it a pain in the butt to have the scope over the action? If it's not really a big deal I think I'd like to use a smaller scope on this one, and just deal with it.

What do y'all think? Does it look okay with the Scout scope? Is it not that big a deal and I should just use a smaller scope?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I had one for years in .270 with Leupold vxII 3x9

No mounting issues with that size scope using Ruger rings.

If you want a 30mm your kind of limited, personally, I wouldn’t put a picatinny on a falling block action... but I’m traditional in that sort of way.

For the performance envelope of the cartridge and platform, I’m fine with 1” tube scope.

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I've had several No.1 rifles, and currently still have a really nice 1A in 30-06. No problems with the scope mount. Most of these rifles end up wearing scopes and are well suited for them. Proceed with confidence.

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I have a 1B in 270 with a VXII on it and the joint is pushed back against the rear mount, but it does fit. Yes, it is over the loading port but it doesn't really bother me. I point the gun down and drop the round in. And then I point it slightly up and eject it. There is also a spring you can adjust to make it eject the shell with more force, though I don't want that.

I also had this 1V with a scope that came on it that had ablot more room for adjustment.

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I have a few No.1's, but only one with a scope. (though it has had a couple different scopes over the last 30+ years. I had no issues with rings and scope position. Certainly no issues loading or unloading.

For 20+ years it looked like this.

The last 6-9(?) years, like this.

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