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So am finally looking to try out a NiB BCG based on a lot of the praise I've read here due to cleaning, etc. I was about to get a PSA non-logo'd but then read a couple reviews where the staking was less than stellar and they weren't HPT stamped. So I thought I'd ask the collective what we liked for these? Appreciate the input from your experiences, thanks.
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I have never owned a NiB BCG. Nothing bad to say about them.

But JP Enterprises bolt carriers are not just treated with a different surface treatment, they are designed for increased bearing surface and the polish is second to none.

I favor the QPQ (melonite) finish. I have one that has thousands, probably close to 10k, of rounds on it that still looks new. Super slick and easy to clean as well.

Available in low mass or full mass.

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I prefer my BCG's MPI and HPT. The ones I like the best that are coated are these.
But if you don't insist on HPT then these from a great source are really nice.

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I've got a couple of the PSA ones. No issues with them.

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1. MSTN Youngs Manufacturing Ion Coated
2. Zero Fail
3. BCM/Bravo Company

In that order.


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This is a good article to start with: Enhanced BCGs

In addition to that, there are some other enhanced bolts/BCGs on the market (which were not attempts at going after the military contract in that article), such as the ARPerformance SuperBolt.

For a standard BCG, a lot of people are happy with BCM, Brownells, etc.

My oldest and best-running BCG is a 40-year old Colt chrome BCG...

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