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Originally posted by rburg:
I've not heard any baking soda answers yet.

3rd post in the thread.

I called McMillan about what they used to paint the stocks if had to open up a barrel channel. They told me at the time that it was an automotive paint (GM?) and I'd probably be OK just to just rattle can a small section, esp. in a barrel channel.

I'm thinking a few boxes of baking soda dumped on top of the stock in a foodsaver bag. Leave it until doesn't stink anymore. Dunno if that would work.
Atsko has an odor killer that I've used for helping my hunting activated charcoal gear bags but it's pricey.

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I would try a mild solution of white vinegar and water and wiping it down with that. White vinegar will usually remove stuff. The best thing to do would be to call the stock manufacturer and ask them for recommendations, as they know exactly what finish the stock has on it.
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+1 on the ozone generator. These things are amazing.
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Repaint a $470 synthetic stock...?

It's done all the time, Cerakote (my preference) or Duracoat.
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Soap and water.


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Try calling your local Servpro or similar type company. They may do it for next to nothing, or for a minimal charge.

Otherwise I think your best bet would be heat/sunlight. That's the only way to open up the "pores" in the plastic and let the smell out, as it were.

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