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Originally posted by kimberkid:
I’m sure the execution of the 556 was an embarrassment to SiG, or at least it should have been, by the time they finely “sort of” got it right with the 556A1 it was too little too late, and they had already alienated much of their buying base.

It just occurred to me, if SiG hadn’t given the 556 a 55 prefix, if it would have been compared to the 551 with such scrutiny.
Or, if they had only delivered on what they first show us in the the pre-production flyers, most people wouldn’t have been so disappointed.

Even the pre-production guns looked like a sloppy turd. That includes the guns mocked up on Swiss upper with 550 gas system (then later the 551 gas system), stupidly tall optic rail, folding front sight, Command Arms stocks, silly over styled m4 stock AR mag lower, etc.

At the very least I had high hopes that the upper receiver would be compatible with Swiss barrels, so the extraneous garbage could be tossed and a nice clone could be made using the upper receiver and fcg parts for 922(r). We, the early adopters quickly learned that upper was not compatible with Swiss barrels.

Optic rail attachment using nutcerts, full retard configuration as it relates to furniture, lower, etc. What a total goat F&$@.

The entire 556 project was a doomed from the start.

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[/QUOTE]The entire 556 project was a doomed from the start.[/QUOTE]

That sums it up pretty well.

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Ya might say I'm partial to them.

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I owned two 556 classics. Sold one NIB. It turned out to be a ‘good one.’

Mine, however, was 5 moa due to an off center crowning job. Once that was fixed, it was an moa rifle.

Bad QC, Bad support. Bad move on this rifle. Hopefully a lesson learned.
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I have a 556xiP in 7.62x39mm. Picture a SIG Krink.

The only complaint I have is I can't install a PDW type brace.

It is a blast to shoot, in the literal sense. I had it out to the range a week ago with a friend who never shot it. When he was done, he noticed thee muzzle blast shredded a paper target sitting on the bench next to where he was shooting from.

For the purpose I bought it, i.e., shooting in 2-gun, it would have be perfect.

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I can't install a PDW type brace.

Which type of brace do you want? The SB SDP looks very close to the proper Swiss stock and CDNN has for cheap right now.
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jljones as you started the thread, what do you think about them? Have you seen any come through any classes you have taught. If so, how have they faired?


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Originally posted by JoshNC:
Bona fide turds that can be upgraded to be more Swiss-like at considerable expense IF you get one that lacks the myriad of Exeter’s moronic QC/QA bungles. I have owned five or six total 556, sold all but two. One is an early JS serial number prefix 4-screw optic rail gun that was converted to a 552 SBR by AMA using a brand new 552 parts kit. I have around $4k in that rifle. Which seemed like a great price when I had it built in 2008 timeframe, as there were no 552 or 553 to be had as a non-SOT civilian. Second one is an early 556P that I had converted into pseudo 553 with a welded diopter. Again, no 552 or 553 available when I had it done. Both are very nicely done clones on problem-free guns. Well almost problem free - the 556/552 had a canter top of the upper that I carefully hammered out until level.

Exeter can never be forgiven for the horrible execution of the domestic 55x series. It would have been so easy to introduce a proper 550, 551, and 553 to the US market.

WhOa.. well put Josh

I have many several 55x rifles 550, 551 swat, 553 etc

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