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I used to have a Winchester 94 .357 Trapper that was fun, but I let it go. Decided I would pick up another .357 lever gun. I was originally looking for a Marlin, but the decent JMs seem to be too much money and I couldn't get my hands on a new Remington one to check the quality. The only downside to the Henry seems to be the tube loading, and I am fine with that since it is just an occasional range toy. Action seems smooth and fit and finish is great. I went with the color case hardened receiver. Only complaint I have is the 20" octagonal barrel seems a little front heavy. Maybe should have went with the carbine, but it balances decently and I am sure it is not that noticeable when shooting. Can't wait to get it to the range.
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Congrats. I find my self wanting a 357 lever gun and a SAA revolver to go with it. There is just something iconic and enjoyable about lever guns. I bought a Winchester 357 years ago but like a fool I sold it for something else and kick myself. Give us a report with it after you take it out for a spin.
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I have one. Fit and finnish are excellent, and it's accurate out to 100 yards. It's a tad more acccurate with 357 than it is with 38, and I've been able to get it to feed wad cutters. You're gonna love it.

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I have the Winchester Trapper 357 but I sure like the looks of the Henry. Hope you can give a range report after having it out. Wonder how it will like cast bullets?
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I shoot a Henry .357 in Cowboy. I like it alot, but it bobbles on SWC ammo. Fine with LRN or Jacketed.
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I have a Marlin (a real Marlin)in .357, but I recently acquired a Henry in .22WMR, bought it used because I thought Henrys were a little pricey-wrong! It is one of the slickest lever guns I have ever handled. I will be getting one in 30-30 as money permits. I hear they are going to offer a side loading option that will accompany the pull out tube loading, if so that's great. I want one.

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I’ve never heard any complaints about the accuracy from Henry’s. If they ever add a side loader to the pistol caliber selections, they will start selling a lot more of them to folks like me that want that feature.

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I am a real Henry fan myself. I LOVE my All-weather 45-70! It’s a Hog HAMMER!
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