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I am thinking of this for my Tavor X95 and AR.

It is on a quick cam system so it should just move from one to another.

It seems the triangle is the favorite reticle.

The Meprolight RDS is my second choice.

Looking for anyone with actual experience.

The reviews say shooting from a darkroom or shade into sunlight has bad washout with the M21. How bad is it in real life use?
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I've owned two, one with a triangle and one with a dot.

They are somewhat heavy but built like a tank. The ones I had only had 1 MOA adjustments, so you can get decent accuracy, but they are really just a short range proposition. Since they're reflex, they do suffer from washout when looking from a dark area into a light area. If it's really bright, washout can be near total. But if you have co witnessing BUISs, the BUISs really work well under those lighting conditions. I highly recommend cowitness BUISs with the M21s. I've seen a battery powered LED attachment that affixes to the scope above the light gathering element, but never used it. I understand it works reasonably well. They have a good mount and I never had one shoot loose. They're really rock solid. IIRC, mine had 10 year warranties. But after that, I understand Mako (that's who imported the ones I had) would not service the tritium. So once the tritium gets dim, it may be that it becomes a fiber-optic-lit-only sight.

It's got a very green reflective coating on the front of the lens so the green or amber dot/triangle shows up well on the backside side of the lense. But green light won't come through it well so if you decide to use a laser later, use a red one.

The M21 served the IDF and security forces well and I understand it's still an issued sight. There are plenty of pictures out there of used, abused, with all the finish worn off, M21s sitting atop Israeli carbines. If they use them, they must be tough.

If the price is right, get one. They're easy to sell if you don't like it. I left mine on carbines I traded and never got around to getting another.
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I had a dot for several years, had lots of wash out/"dark into light" issues with it when I used it anywhere but in the open air of the range. Since that was where I mostly used it, it was fine. I had it on my AR45. Originally I had it on a 50Beowulf I intended to hunt with (woods), but decided against it for the reason stated. I bought it used and my tritium was fairly done at that point.

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