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I saw this little gem on a local forum for $650 OBO. I offered $600 and picked it up this morning. The gun was made in 1980, is a pre safety with gold trigger and belonged to the gentleman’s grandfather. He is not a lever action guy and had no idea on the value of the gun. After i asked if it was JM marked he did a little research and discovered the value. He still sold it to me at the agreed upon price because he is a man of his word. He also gave me about 160 rds of .357 ammo.

She is not a safe queen as grandad used the gun. I consider them character marks and if they could only talk. The blueing is a little thin on the front of the barrel and it has a few scratches, but the wood is nice. For $600, I think I got a great deal.

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That is a great deal! I paid $650 about 10 years ago for mine in similar condition. Mines from 1982, and it's probably my favorite rifle. Everyone who shoots it wants to buy it or one like it. You're going to love that gun.
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If you get tired of it I will be glad to take it off your hands. I would even go the $650. Ha Ha
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I'm not laughing
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You got an outstanding deal! Congratulations!

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Love the JM Marlins. They were made 10 minutes from me.

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Very nice!

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Oh, yeah. I really love mine.
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you win for 2019 ! great for you

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Beautiful gun. Great deal.
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