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Is this for real? Does anyone know anything about this product? I'm wondering if it must be crap or not for such a low price.

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There are several O/Us that can be had at the $500 mark.

Unfortunately, O/Us really are one of those areas where you get what you pay for.

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I'd be inclined to look for a used name-brand gun like a Browning Citori or a Beretta, which might cost a couple hundred more bucks but would probably be well worth the extra expense. The el cheapo over/unders I have handled were clubby and ill-handling.

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The Turks are capable of a decent shotgun. That doesn't mean this is one. Tread with caution, or at least with the understanding (and maybe fun) that it could be a project.

Or keep hitting used shelves. Found my Red Label for about 800, with complete set of choke tubes. Did a little stock repair, already fits me well, shoots like a charm.

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According to their spec sheet, it only has a two round capacity.

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When it comes to double guns, the main reason for their cost is their regulation--do the two barrels hit the same point of impact at a given distance. This has to be done by hand, and is time consuming and difficult.

When it comes to these cheap Turk guns, they are decent guns, but they may or may not be well regulated. There is a very good chance the two barrels aren't properly aligned.

If I had the opportunity to pattern a gun like this, then I'd consider it. Buying sight unseen, you're rolling the dice.
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I'll second the "ya get what ya pay for". I have 5 Beretta O/U's. They all shoot great and fit me. Don't just look at the price. The gun needs to fit you. Length of pull etc. My friend picked up a basic Beretta 685 (1980's) the other day for $650. Fixed chokes, but it fits him well. Good luck with your search.

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Aside from barrel regulation issues, there are some other things to consider. For starters, what are you going to use the gun for?

If you're looking for a cheap field gun, you'll probably be ok, but 26 inch barrels aren't ideal. A big red flag is that single extractor. It's true, there are a few ok Turkish over under guns, but those guns look, feel, operate, and are priced very similar to their big name counterparts.

If you're looking for a sporting gun, look elsewhere. This thing may do a few hundred rounds a year, but I wouldn't expect it to last more than a few thousand rounds total. A sporting gun from the bigger manufacturers should have no problem going 50-60k rounds or more without a failure, but that's why you pay more up front.

Head over to shotgunworld forums and read through the various manufacturers forums and you'll start to notice a trend. That trend is what was stated earlier, which is you definitely get what you pay for. Buy a decent gun, or by several garbage over unders several times over.
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The best new O/U I've seen for under a grand is the Weatherby Orion and it's around $800 to $900. The closer you get to that $500 the more likely you'll see poor finishes, unregulated barrels and doubling. There could be a good cheap one out there, just not likely.

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If your looking in this price range, go check out and look for a Baikal IZH 27
12 gauge over and Under for around $350.
They are also sold as a Remington imported (Baikal) SPR 310. I shoot one every Sunday 100plus shells in trap and it has been the best $350 gun deal by far. Scored my first perfect score with it! I outshoot most of the regulars with their $1500plus guns and I'm definitely not an expert shot.
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