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I have a sling, if I am grabbing my rifle it means I have a few seconds and time to sling up. If I don't I am grabbing my handgun and my wife is getting a rifle.

The HD SBR has a Magpul MS4 on it. I am looking at something different for it.

But then of course I might be a 13 year old girl who reads alot of gun magazines, so feel free to disregard anything I post.
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Being a lefty I haven't found a good way to retain the sling that doesn't potentially cover the ejection port.

For expediency the rifle is ready without a sling attached. One is nearby that uses dual QD loops to quickly attach if needed. It's a VTAC padded 2-point.

Maybe a non-padded would be a bit cleaner for a quick-access rifle? My 10/22 with standard underside sling loops has a GI style web sling on it so I can throw it over the shoulder when in the yard taking care of pesky critters. I have one full-time on my M16A4 clone as well, more for shooting support than carry though.
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Originally posted by benny6:
I would think that you wouldn't want a sling for HD. I would think it would snag on something or make it cumbersome if you needed to get it in the middle of the night.

Now my definition of HD is a Remington 870 18" with 7 shells of 00 Buck,a side-saddle and a Surefire X-300 mounted on the hand guard. If my alarm goes off at night or my dog barks, then I grab my 870 in the dark and take care of business. If I need more than 11 rounds of 00 buck, I've got problems.

Now if you're definition of HD is more of an anarchy, monkeys running loose in the streets scenario and you need to hold the fort down, then my idea of that is my 14.5" AR. Yes, I have a GI web sling on that.


what Tony said,

however I am using a S&W 1300 Defender or a High Standard 18-7 riot gun (keep a shotgun on each floor)

both have extended mags and extra ammo on a side saddle or bando near them,

before I got the second shotgun, I kept a 16" AR handy, with GI web sling,
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Swapped the MS3 QD hardware onto the padded VCAS last night. The VCAS is definitely an improvement. May get some sling swivels & use the MS3 on another rifle.

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Thanks to the advice on this forum, I put a VCAS on my Colt LE6920 this past weekend. Based on what little messing around I have done with it so far, I believe it is going to work out very well. For me a good sling is a must have. The only rifle that I own that doesn't have a sling (and never will) is a 1957 Browning SA 22 wheel sight model that I picked up last year.

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