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Does anyone have experience with it? I'm looking a for a replacement for the trusty 22. It seems to have everything I'm looking for: Compact, iron sights, threaded bbl, and flush mag. I considered the ruger ranch in. 300blk, but think I prefer a larger cartridge, and the ruger didn't have iron sights.

Experiences or alternative recommendations?
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I don't own one but I actually shot one today at a local turkey shoot and I really liked it. I just shot it 3 times with irons at 100yds and now I want to buy one.
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I bought a used one about a month ago. I always wanted a handy 308 with open sights. The green stock grows on you. I like it.
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I have one and bought it for all the reasons you are looking at, tho after adding a heavy aftermarket stock and scope, I decided I no longer needed a muzzle brake as the extra weight soaked up enough of the recoil to satisfy me. It’s hard hitting at 300 yards, the furthest I’ve had it out to. The scope has quick release rings so the irons are available in about 4 seconds. I’m considering another one in .223.

Here it is during one of the first times I shot it.

Here it is as she looks today.

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Bought mine last year to use as a brush/tree stand gun. It does everything I've asked, I can carry it one handed, muzzle down and doesn't drag, AND I've knocked down 3 bucks (longest range 100 yd, shortest 30).


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LGS here has one on GunBroker in 223 and one in 338mag...they look like a great gun

First thing I thought when I picked one up was, WOW that's a heavy barrel, then I realized it was 223

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My regular guy has them.

Savage Hog Hunter

I've had a few Savages, and hold them in high regard, but I haven't tried one of these yet.

ETA: No association with the linked dealer other than he's my 'local' shop.
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Great no frills rifle. Blind magazine so it won't drop while hunting. If you have a suppressor it has a barrel is thick enough that it won't flex much and heavy enough to chill the .308 recoil.

It comes with a green thing that looks like a stock is where you shoulder has quite a bit of flex in the forend and is something you will talk about replacing. Despite this it shoots well.

The Ruger has feed issues with poor aftermarket support, but is almost a pound lighter and four inches shorter, the two don't compare well they are pretty different.

Mossberg MVP in .308 takes 20 round mags. Which is kewl! That might be an alternative, higher price point.

But then of course I might be a 13 year old girl who reads alot of gun magazines, so feel free to disregard anything I post.
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