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Say maybe you had a really nice FAL or maybe an HK91 type. Did you switch to a SCAR 17S? Are you happy with the switch? Would you do it again or recommend it to others? Are expensive glass and a Geissele trigger pretty much a must?
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I owned a DSA FAL but sold it several years before the SCAR 17 was purchased.

Expensive glass isn't needed if you want to use it as a battle rifle, I'm going to use mine this fall like that with an Aimpoint M4S.

SCAR triggers are serviceable and if you are going to use it like that, you can do without a Super Scar but it is a great trigger and prices have come down a bit, I've seen them on sale for the mid to high $200s this year.
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I didn't replace a classic battle rifle, but I did enough homework to know the 17S is a better choice for what I do with it. I always wanted a FAL and looked mighty hard at the PTR-91 before deciding to spend the extra money for a SCAR deal that fell into my lap. The Geissele trigger is better than stock, and a cranked recharge handle is an option you'll want if you run an optic. While an expensive optic will almost always be better at most things than a less-expensive one, in my case it's not required because I'm not jumping out of planes, kicking down doors or taking sniper-range shots with it.

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I don't plan to. I have an FAL with remarkably functional iron sights, and an M1A Scout Squad with 2-7 glass. Between the two, my fun desires are fully funded, and any "need" I may have is covered as well.

I recognize that the SCAR is a better rifle than either of them, but I'm not willing to sell two rifles that I enjoy to buy one SCAR, and still need to contribute cash to the deal to have decent glass on it.

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I didn't replace any of my .308 battle rifles with a SCAR 17s.I added the SCAR to the group as a modernized evolution of the breed.I saved up and put a Geiselle trigger and an Elcan DR scope on her too.Because she is at this point the finest battle rifle ever built in my opinion.
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I didn't replace any rifles. For me, the SCAR 17 was my entry to .308/7.62 battle rifles. I wanted a modern rifle that had been met with wide acceptance and has parts and aftermarket support, that could accept modern, short to medium range optics. I did not put a premium on accuracy, but considered it a secondary concern. My research indicated that the SCAR 17 checked all of those boxes, while being lighter weight than many competing offerings.

I put a Geissele trigger in right out of the box. A few pulls of the stock trigger told me that it wasn't awful, but it was long, creepy, and heavy.

I've now had my 17 for about 4 months, and have had it out to the range a few times. So far, I'm happy with my choice. .308 firepower in a rifle that I find handles more like a carbine than a full sized battle rifle. Sure, a 16" AR-15 is more svelte, but the SCAR 17 gets surprisingly close. At ranges of 100 yards, I shoot 2.5" groups with m80 ball, and i wager that will tighten up with match ammo and a better trigger finger than mine.

The SCAR-17 isn't a precision rifle, but it's definitely got good enough accuracy for my needs. I think you can expect 1.5ish moa with good ammo, and that is plenty fine for a 16" barrel battle rifle. There are plenty of folks taking their 17s out to 400, 500 yards or even longer with good results.

Is good glass required? Well, how far are you looking to shoot? I put a 1-6x lpv optic on mine because I feel that maximizes my rifle's potential within 300 yards and closer.

But, a 17 would be just as good wearing an Aimpoint red dot if you wanted to set up for shorter distance.

Also, my 17 has been totally reliable and it stays amazingly clean. I was rather stunned at the lack of carbon or fouling in the weapon, even after 300 rounds of m80 ball.


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I've been an HK91 "purist" for decades. I have all the bells and whistles, claw mounted Hendsoldt glass, bi-pod, etc, it's chuck full of HK goodness.

Then I picked up a 17s, and that was that. It is much lighter, more accurate, better trigger options, better rail real-estate. There really is no comparison.

I'll never get rid of the HK91, but it has been relegated to safe queen duty.

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I have a H&K 91, a couple of FAL’s, a M1a Scout, and a LMT MWS. IMHO the SCAR 17 is superior to all of them for various reasons. Both of my 17’s have been sub-MOA to 300yds on paper and to 600yds on steel with the right ammo. They have been near perfectly reliable (I had 1 bad 10rd mag). They are a couple pounds lighter than some of the others.

One of mine sent a Swarovski Z-6 back to Austria. I suggest a solid optic in a stiff mount like a Spur.

Some don’t care for The Buttstock which is replaceable. I haven’t broken one yet so the jury is out for me.

All in all the biggest negative is simply the cost. It’s the best if you can afford it but there are also some very fine weapons available for less money.........

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Had FALs. Love ‘em.

Bought SCAR 17.

Enjoyed SCAR 17 for several years.

Sold SCAR 17.

Still have and love my FALs.

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My first .308s were HK91s, then a Belgian FAL, then came my SCAR 17s and an HK762A1. My SCARs are additions to my collection. I like them all for different reasons and doubt I'd sell any of them.
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I think I own everything you would call a classic battle rifle. I still have them but I prefer to shoot the SCAR if there is no other reason to pick something else (like showing someone what a classic battle rifle is and letting them shoot one).
I find the SCAR better in an overall way over everything else modern or classic for how I use it. If its the right gun for you and what changes you need to make to one depends on how you intend to use it. I would recommend the Geissle trigger but I shot it with the stock trigger for quite awhile and my scores didn't take some noticeable jump when I switched. My SHTF fan version has a simple aimpoint setup which is modest in price. My competition one has a NF on it, but there are many cheaper options so is expensive glass needed, no.

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Shot a buddies buddy Fal really liked it.

A year later shot my buddies Scar 17. Loved it !

Had my very own FDE Scar 17 6 months later. Big Grin
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Replace, no. Have both, yes.

Bought my HK91 in 1985, and bought a Springfield Armory SAR-4800 and Armscorp M14 in the next few years. Still have them all after getting my SCAR 17S.
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Nope, just added to the stable.

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FAL here. Like the SCAR, but no need for it.


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I like my roller lock battle rifles.


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I didn't sell my battle rifles either. Just added the SCAR 17H to the collection.
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I like my roller lock battle rifles.

I laughed at this. The only .308 gun I hate to shoot is a roller locked one. I'm not sure if stock matters, but in any case this is the only HK I own that truly sucks to shoot. You are tougher than me. Just sayin'.

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