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It appears that your gun’s receiver has been drilled/tapped to install a receiver sight from Williams (like Yooper suggested).

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Winchester 94 update:

The commentary on the rear sight being bent or off was tested first, and ended up being absolutely correct. I drifted the rear sight about 2mm to the right in the dovetail and boom.

First target: Trying it at 10 yards, on my first target I got two-three round groups with Remington Core-lokt 150gr. The first group was at the top of the green diamond. For the second group, I dropped the rear sight as far as it could go, and hit at the top of the center black diamond. I moved it back to 25 yards, and hit the two top holes, and missed one to the north of the target entirely.

SECOND TARGET: I swapped to Winchester Super-x Power Core 150gr. for the second target, and chose to aim at the corners of the green diamond. At 10 yards, I hit the bottom of the diamond perfectly. the nest two went a bit high. at 15 and 20 yards the groups moved up, but the front sight was harder to see over the target, so I did what I could and was happy with the consistency, even if the accuracy is off. This ammo seemed to be more consistent than the Core-lokt.

Drifting the rear sight happened to line up perfectly left-to-right, so it’s just a matter of elevation now. but at least now I know it’s the sights (and my bad eye-sight), so I’ll probably try to get a different rear sight to give me a clearer sight picture and/or more accurate adjustment soon. y'all have mentioned several aftermarkets that will improve the sight picture, and I'll definitely have to look into it since the sights were pretty much shit to my eyes at 25 yards in a kind-of dark, indoor range.

Nice to know it was a rather simple fix rather than something huge, though.

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Just adjust the elevation! Big Grin

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And looking at the front sight as shown in your photos, it does not look original to the gun. The cotter key is unique! This may account for your elevation problems. Williams can help you with a correct sight. So will MGW or Brownells. The proper height for a 94 of your vintage is .310 Your shot groups look pretty good. At 25 yards, the 150 grain load should be just about a half inch low for a 100 yard zero. Past that, it begins to drop rapidly. Hornady LeverEvolution ammo will push the thutty-thutty out to 150 and shoots great in my guns.
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I have a 1892 Winchester that I picked up used. I's a 1904 vintage rifle that was re-barreled in 357 Magnum and re-finished by a prior owner. As a consequence it's not at all collectable but a fantastic shooter.

However there were some issues that were created by one or more of it's previous owners.

First, someone decided to beat the magazine tube off the rifle without removing the retaining pin. As a result there was a big dent in the tube and no amount of nail polish that the P.O. applied would hold it in place during recoil. YEah, it would jam every time after just one shot when the magazine popped out of the receiver. Spent some time on a lathe at work shaping an ID arbor out of O-1 and hardening it. Once that was done it was easy peasy to hammer the magazine back to it's original shape.

Another issue was the front sight. Some previous owner decided they didn't want a front sight that "stuck up too far" so he created a rifle that shot way high. Based on test targets shot at 25 yards using a 24x36 inch target I determine what front sight height was required to hit on center with the sight adjuster set one notch up from it's lowest setting. Then order the correct sight from Marbles along with their rear tang sight.

The final result of this effort was a rifle that I have shot to a bit under 1 inch at 100 yards with the aid of a range master acting as my spotter. BTW I have the rifle set up so that the rear tang and buckhorn are in alignment so if I want to shoot without the peep sight I can.

If you have issues with a rifle that is shooting too low or too high I think you should look to changing out the front sight.

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