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I am working on some 22 projects that are all in need of optics. Mueller seems to have a good reputation in the rimfire world. Curious what the opinion of their products is here. Looking at the 8-32x44 side adjust target dot scope for a CZ 455, 2 MKII savages and 3 10/22s. All are range guns with heavy barrel and used for <100yds paper punching. I know it is excessive magnification, but it is purely for range/bench guns.

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The old Mueller APV scopes were very good bang for the buck on a rimfire
Not sure about current offerings, but I’d scrounge eBay for one of the older ones if it was me
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I have two Mueller APVs 4.5-14X AO on a set of Ruger 10/22s set up for the kids. The glass is very clear and bright. It is a very good deal for rimfire rifles.
In my opinion, these scopes are perfect for use on the .22s for shooting at 50 yards. The kids easily ring steel 95% of the time when they shoot. Although not with no turrets to dial, the boy hits steel multiple times at 100 yards using his APV.
One of the APVs is about 8 years old. The other one was bought last month. Quality seems to be the same in both.
I have not been disappointed with purchasing them.

I'm seriously considering the 8-32x44 for my 10/22. It would be really nice for the 100 yard target.

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Yes, Mueller are still considered very good bang for the buck scopes and the one the OP mentioned is still widely used in the rimfire realm. I own one and it worked just fine. If you are trying to make the smallest group possible at 100 yds with a 22 there is no such thing as too much magnification IMO.
A couple things about this particular optic. It's long, has a 30mm tube and is a bit fussy with the eyebox especially at high magnfication. What do you expect for ~$200.

A respected member over at RFC just happened to post this link for the exact scope ( I believe) you are asking about. $209. That's a darn good deal. I have no experience with the vendor, but trust the original source of the link. Good luck.

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I have 3, 2 tacticals and 1 Eraticator.
For your stated use as range/bench, They are hard to beat at the price range.
As it has said, the eyebox is picky at high magnification but I have never had a problem when bench shooting.
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Mueller APV on my 10/22 and a Mueller 4-16x 50AO on my Savage 12FV .223 and like them alot.

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