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Some of the ones we've had over the years shot pretty well. The Socom and Scout variant can be a real frustrating rifle, one can expect 2 MOA about it. A M1A that's had some custom love can really shoot with match hand loads. My first qual rifle in the early 70's was a pretty good shooter, the DI noted a country boy can often shoot.

And yea, the dude in the video made my arse itch.
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Originally posted by GCE61:
That video was an effort to watch to the end. Those millennial whining youtube goons are more worried about praising their beards than doing an informative review.

I don't have any direct experience with SA M1A's personally, but a few of the guys shooting NRA High Power at my clubs love theirs, and from their scores I'd assume the guns are good to go.

I do have some time with the Garand, and my personal rifle shoots a hell of a lot better than those guys did in the video.

My 1943 SA Garand has a .062 NM front sight,a Criterion replacement barrel, and a replacement stock, other than that it's 1943 GI (BlueSky we rebuilt).
The rifle 2 weeks ago shot 100yd 3" to 4" groups off a pack covered with a towel. The target was one of those 18" Shoot-N-C and whatever size the center red bull is (guessing 3") all the shots were in it... Including 4 or 5 clips worth from my buddies 17yr old daughter.

She LOVED that rifle and she hammered the 200yd 12"x18" gong (it's the pink thing at 200 in the pic. She didn't complain about the metal cheesegrater either, maybe she can give those tools some pointers.

This was using plain jane American Eagle 150gr FMJ.

GCE61, what a beautiful range!

Wish we had more of those around this country!!

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A little less beard, a little less drama Queen and a LOT Better shooting technique would have made a more serious Video........

Remember, this is all supposed to be for fun...................
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My 12-year old nephew shoots my Polytech better than those clowns. Shit trigger control, unstable position, loose grip. Just a few of the shooters problems that I saw.

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