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Well I missed it. I checked it on a Wednesday and it was $803 and when I clicked on it it was sold out. I'll keep looking. I did buy a few Beretta magazines though. They are nice. I bought 4 last week and they are very high quality with a steel anti-tilt follower. They will take a little elbow grease to get going as mine came slathered in a cosmolione like substance, but they are great. Very hefty. They appear to be actual Italian military mags as they have an NSN on them. On the left side close to the front it reads "PB 12 1005-15-108-2741 M".

PB is Pietro Beretta I assume, 12 might be year of build, and the NSN follows normal format. 1005 for weapons from 1-30mm, 15 for country code (Italy), and the remaining 7 numbers for the item ID. The "M" after the string is a different font, not sure what it is but only three of the four I bought have it.

Weighing them on my postal scale I got (empty):

4.0oz - Okay w/Magpul follower
5.0oz - MCT Gen 3 PMag
8.5oz - Beretta steel mag

It also locks in and drops free from my SCAR 16 and does not interfere with the bolt hold open. I'll probably buy a few more.

I got a good pic of the one without the "M"

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Wow,$803.00 is an amazing price. I have been toying with the idea of selling my M400 but in this market, the ar-15 rifles are not selling as much, at least not the mid-grade rifles,so to speak.
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Originally posted by patw:
It looks big and kind of clunky but man do I want one. When they first came out the prices were insane, now they are actually pretty reasonable around $850.00 for a couple I was looking at. I almost snagged one but the wife just shook her head no.One day it will be mine.

It’s anything but big and clunky. It’s a light little thing.

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