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Ok, as you can see I’ve been a member for years and read the forum daily, yet almost never post. So this is not a troll question...

My department is changing over from my beloved G22 to the new G45 gen 5. So, as I have literally 25 years worth of G22 / 27 magazines and lots of hoarded 40 s&w ammo, I bought a Ruger PC carbine in 40 s&w.

I don’t plan to use it for anything besides fun and zombies, To be left at the cabin.

So here is my question: Would this rifle benefit from a flash hider, I’m certain a muzzle break would be useless. I’m not buying a can for it, but the fact that it has a threaded barrel makes it hard for me not to want to put something on it besides a protector. Or is a flash hider on a 40 as cosmetic as those on a 10/22?
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Not sure a FH on a 16” barrel PCC is going to have much effect, plus the barrel treading is the nominal .45 cal thread, so there may not be many options in that size.
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That’s what I was thinking. But I did not consider the different sizing! That might make this a mute issue. Thanks!
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If a muzzle brake would be useless, I have to wonder why I see YouTube videos of game gunners using them with the 9mm version. I know there’s a fair amount of “trick of the week” in all competition stuff, but I lean more towards the idea that competitors trying to mitigate muzzle climb with a brake isn’t exactly seeking the bleeding edge and is maybe a reasonable thing to do. Maybe more so than a flash hider.

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I see muzzle devices on all kinds of guns at competitions where its permitted to use them. And in general when I ask the people who use them the value, they say to me that to get real value you have to load ammo (powder type and bullets) that will make them work, but there is some value even with factory ammo and some like the weight benefit.
That's just repeating what has been answered to me on a number of occasions. Me personally if it has threads I'm sticking something on there. My luck with thread protectors is bad. They either get loose or get crap and get too hard to remove etc. Yes I know I will get a bunch of suggestions on this from rocksett to orings, but nothing has worked as well for me as sticking a flash hider on there. 9/16-24 FH's are readily available (I would suggest that you check HKParts as that's the thread for an HK compact .40 but there are probably lots of other ones maybe cheaper than an HK part). If I owned it, I'd put a FH on it...

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A flash hider will do nothing other than reduce muzzle flash.

A comp will reduce muzzle rise and may possibly also decrease recoil. And the comp will increase the sound volume to both the shooter and people around the shooter.

A brake will noticeably reduce recoil. And it will noticeably increase sound volume to both the shooter and the people around the shooter. Volume increase could be in the order of 10 or 20 decibels, depending on the brake.

A suppressor will noticeably reduce both sound volume and recoil.
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I put the YMH 9mm Slant break on mine. I like the looks of it. I don't really feel much difference though. LINK You also need a thread converter.

Ruger PC9 Muzzle Detail by Dave Steier, on Flickr

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I’m thinking of replacing the flash hider on my 9mm AR pistol with a linear comp to push the sound signature forward rather than to the sides. Muzzle rise is minimal, so I don’t see the linear comp increasing the muzzle rise or recoil much. I’m all for moving the sound forward.

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