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Originally posted by RogueJSK:
Originally posted by badcopnodonut!!:
Norinco makes a very good copy of the AK.


But the problem is that Chinese AKs (along with most other Chinese firearms and ammo) have been banned from import into the US since 1994. So you can't just head to your friendly local gun dealer or online seller and order up a Norinco AK. Wink

They do show up for sale on the used market from time to time, but they're not all that common these days, since they haven't been importable for 24 years. And they tend to command a premium when they do come up for sale, so he'd be hard pressed to find a Norinco AK under his price cap of $700.

In addition, the Chinese AKs were not fitted with a side rail optic mount, which is another of the OP's requirements.

I searched online gun sites after reading your comments and holy cow, they are indeed proud of them Chinese weapons. Eek


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Got an Arsenal milled receiver and it operates very smoothly. Accurate too.
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As the old saying goes "Buy once, Cry once"

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... if you don't you'll find an excuse.

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I am an AK guy!! I presently own 25 or so, Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Chineese, Yugo and so on but no USA made. Last weekend I was set up next to a PSA dealer. He had 4 PSA AKs on the table next to me. I will say they looked good and the fit and finish was good. I know the PSA AKs are pretty pricey. I would go to Gunbroker and check out whats on there. By the way Ive had several Century AKs and the have all been fine. Oh yea stay away from IOI junk!!!
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