Another rimfire will follow me home.

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November 25, 2019, 12:00 AM
Another rimfire will follow me home.
This time a Remington 511. Date decoded from barrel stamping is March 1942. Sold to the shop I occasionally give a hand at, it was an estate sale.

Walnut stock is in very good condition,bluing is consistent with no signs of rust. Only issue is the bolt lever is loose and one screw on the rear sight has the head broken off, I have the shop gunsmith working on both of these issues.

So it looks like I found my Christmas present to myself.

Anybody else have a rimfire affliction?

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November 25, 2019, 08:27 AM
Remington 500 series rifles have great barrels,

yours will likely be a tack driver

as far as addiction,, yep,, no known cure,,,

Rem 34 NRA
Rem 514 smoothbore (or 512? cannot remember)
513T (couple)
550 (couple)

Win, 52 (pre A, B's and D's)
Win 75 (couple)

Anschutz 54 action from 1961 (not sure of model number)

Moss 44
Moss 151

H&R M12
Kimber 82G

couple dedicated 22lr AR's,,

and a big handful of handguns,,,
December 01, 2019, 05:57 PM
.22’s tend to be my most shot rifles and pistols. NRL22 has renewed my interest in rifle shooting. I shot a lot of service rifle in my younger years, but lost interest with the rule changes regarding positions and the allowance for optics. NRL22 is great, enjoy it though not real good at it. Inexpensive base class gun ( total investment with gun optic rings bipod etc under $650) and shoots well with sub $3 per box cci standard.
I own more .22’s than all other calibers combined. So fun and relaxing ( no high priced ammo required - although it can get expensive if you go to high end European match ammo, no brass to recover, no time at the reloading bench) with the exception of a carry gun and a few limited items for specific matches, I could be happy with nothing but 22’s!