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CMMG is now releasing their Banshee in 10mm. Pictured is a SBR, far as I know it’s only available in an 8” barrel, but as pistol and SBR versions. I’m really looking forward to getting one of these. CMMG emailed dealers a few days ago, but swore us to secrecy.

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So it uses Glock Mags? interesting. I haven't followed some of the new pistol caliber AR's that use Glock mags, the past versions wernt' great in my experience...

Interesting to check out.

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These blowback or delayed rotating bolt?
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CMMG calls it Radial Delayed Blowback.

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New Frontier Armory has had them out for a couple of years now.


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I think CMMG has a done a really nice job with their 2019 rifles. I'm very glad to see the 10mm finally available for the Banshee. I'm in for sure.

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