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I have several set ups

Mpx, ptr 9kt, kriss v, bnt ghm, fox trot mike fm9. They all work well.
My mpx took a bit to break in. About 1500 rounds. Id did not like 115grn geco ammo at all. After that 1500 rounds it did well with everything till about 2k, broke the old style bolt and firing pin. Sig replaced it all. Since then i sbr'd it to 8". I chopped the 16" carbine barrel down 8. That worked well. I did swap it out for an in lead we trust gass block and 8" barrel. Now it hums along like a singer sewing machine.

The ptr 9kt is a great gun, at 360 rounds the ejector broke. Ptr sent me a replacement , i had it in two days. I swapped out the 110 degree locking lug with an 80*. It has eaten everything with out fail. When suppressed it is extremely pleasabt to shoot. It is sbr'd now. I am waiting on a stock, then it will be awesome. The mags i do have to down load to 28 rounds instead of 30.

My kriss is a 40sw crb, while not 9mm is on the same chassis. I sbr'd it also. Down to 8". I have never had a broken part on it that i did not cause. While it is not gas opperated, it is slightly different blow back system. Mine has eaten 135, 155,165,180 grain rounds aplum. The recoil impuls is as nice as the ptr9kt. I have about 2300-2500 rounds through it. It s controls are unique, but intuative.

My bnt ghm is in 45acp, but works like the ghm9. My gun does not like federal syntech ammo at all. Any coated ammo like that just does not feed well. Lead, plated, jacketed or hollow points all work very. The controls are just perfect. The ability to swap the charging handle to left side. I have about 2500 rounds through it. After about the first 500 rounds it smoothed out . The recoil impulses

FM9 i put it together, 10inch barrel tri-lug mount. Left or right side charfing handle. All AR 15 controls. I put a sb3 telescoping brace on it. It has done extremely well with 115grn, 124, and 147 grain well. The trigger is ar standard 6lbs with a unbelivably short reset. It takes standard glock mags, i do have to down load the mags to 28 from 30. I have about 600 rounds through it. It has functioned flawlessly.
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I have lots of pcc including an SBR’d SP5K, a Gen 1 MPX, a Gen 2 MPX a USC/UMP, a 9mm AR, and a B&T TP9. Almost all of them are now SBR’s. I also have a 9mm Tavor with Geissele trigger bow and trigger pack. I’m not sure that the Tavor isn’t the best shooter of them all. The trigger is great and the is virtually zero recoil. It’s heavy but totally reliable and extremely easy to shoot.
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I got a Million of 'em!
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I’ve had two Turkish MP5s and an MPX. I got pretty spoiled by how soft those guns shoot.

That being said, I now have a CMMG Guard and can say it recoils only a little bit more than the MP(X or 5) platforms that it replaced. The radially delayed blowback works well and it’s probably only a matter of time before I get one in 10mm.
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Did anyone try the Lone Wolf PCC When they were selling them? They promised them in 10mm when they came out - I waited for that - them they discontinued them.
Is there a story behind that?

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